After investigating the embezzlement of Nineveh Health Department salaries .. Integrity holding more than 14 billion dinars

Dated: 17/04/2016 Sunday 7:20

Today Iraq / Baghdad
Integrity Commission revealed two days ago - Friday, enabling reserve an amount estimated at more than 14 billion dinars for one of the banking companies, accused of embezzling the issue of salaries of Nineveh Health Department of the calculated deposited in the Central Bank of Iraq.
Body, I have more in a statement on its official website, he said: "we look at the amount of 11 billion dinars, Mokhtlsa of Nineveh Health Department salaries, which led to the process of the company's funds Book", and also indicated: "The role of the court to achieve fairness in Baghdad, the inspectors ministries of Health and Finance, and their cooperation in the processes of tracking and booking. " The statement also stated: "It was the governor of Nineveh - Hamoud Sultan, has revealed the days of the start of the investigation with the Director-General of the Department before the health of the province - Khaled al-Bayati, concerning the theft of its employees' salaries for the months of January and February, amounting to more than ?? billion Iraqi dinars, and how it disappeared off remittances company that dealt with health without a letter of guarantee, "and what I found body worthy of recall, we read in conclusion:" the province had announced last Sunday - the 10th of the current month, the referral of those involved the disappearance of the health of maintaining the integrity salaries, including Director General of the Department correctness - Khaled al-Bayati. "