Presidency: infallible meet today's government and political leaders to bring the views
Republic explained presidency, President Fuad Masum , will meet today a number of government leaders and political figures in order to bring the views to overcome the crisis.
And the anniversary of a presidential statement, received by all of Iraq [where], a copy of it, "in the context of the efforts that continue them President Fuad Masum , in order to bring the different points of view and to remedy the current political crisis, sovereignty will meet on Sunday , a number of government and political leaders , " noting "in this endeavor visited the President of the Republic this morning the Islamic Supreme Council headquarters in Baghdad and met with Ammar al - Hakim. " Head of the Iraqi Islamic Supreme Council and explained that "During the meeting , emphasized the need for the cooperation of everyone in order to abide by the constitution and finding solutions to political problems and a way to ensure the country 's stability and safeguard its unity and achieve the desired reform."
The statement pointed out that the infallible "will meet during the coming hours , a number of leaders and political figures ". He is scheduled to meet the three presidencies today with the leaders of political blocs to discuss the parliamentary crisis and the ministerial change.
He called leader of the Sadrist Movement Moqtada al - Sadr yesterday , " the three presidencies coordination to hold a parliament session and provide ministerial cabin characterized by independent Baltknuaqrat without regard to the voices of quotas abhorrent taking into account the voice of the people and put it on Rating immediately and within a maximum period [72 hours] while retaining the sit -in inside the kiss of parliament popular attribution is unparalleled through peaceful protests. "
as" the prime minister called for giving a specific period of time to correct the path of the rest of the political process Caldrjat own bodies and the other that does not exceed this period of the 45 days. "
the three presidencies and the leaders of the political blocs signed in a meeting on 11 April current on the document of national reform, and includes several topics, including the progress of the political blocs of candidates for a variety of Ministers to the Prime Minister and shall have the right to select the names of confirming national partnership to choose who apply the necessary conditions and specifications of efficiency and honesty.
and determined that the Prime Minister opened the nomination of sites independent bodies and deputy ministers and senior diplomats and special grades without exception and closing appointments proxy file in all government websites door are selected on the basis of objective and professional standards away for political quota system.