Jubouri latest move parliamentary political development to save the country from the quotas [Extended]
[Oan- Baghdad]
Counting House Speaker Salim al - Jubouri, on Sunday, a sit -in the House of Representatives to reject partisan and sectarian quotas as a "political development to save the country."
Jubouri said in his speech during the inauguration of the Planning Department Conference displaced and emergency plan "to maintain the state - building, development and progress represents the foundation stone for us to overcome our crises accumulated project."
He added that "without a strong state we can not cross this stage and to overcome them, and will not be so only when the play state institutions , in turn , entrusted with the comprehensive and real reform, which starts from a real diagnosis of the problem is serious and bold steps to resolve through the elimination of quotas and to provide expertise to the leadership of the joints and operational keep it away from politicization and personal conflicts, to be in parallel with the campaign confront corruption in all its forms and forms without favor or courtesy to one. "
He Jubouri" political forces has proved it is able to improve its performance in line with the requirements phase, and mobility Parliamentary latter only clear and obvious evidence of this act, which shows that we are able to overcome the situation of tight clusters to a state of political openness. "
the head of the parliament , " from here I extend my thanks for all the popular Iraqi political forces that supported the reform project and sought to make it a success, even those that differed in their views with us, the final picture of the scene reflect the pure intention by everyone to save the country from its crisis, I have to disagree in jurisprudence in determining the shape of the executive step but we certainly agree on the need for reform and the importance of pressing him and our need. "
he noted that" the coming days will witness specifically to its board of overall parliamentary session , which includes full members after positive movement over the past two days to crystallize the perception collectivist be the focus resolved within the parliament and within a clear, legitimate and constitutional procedures, which would be a red line for any perception or a particular point of view and we are open to all points of view which we agree or disagree with it will be the first of our slate put forward by the completion of the idea of reforms. "
He noted Jubouri that" what will be presented Prime Minister and which we hope will be rapid ministerial cabin that accept the House of Representatives or reject saying is telling the council the cabin , which has provided more than once and Dar around unlike many, but we believe that the bulk of the dispute , which was focused around but it is about achieving the desired interest from different points of view or multiple. "
He expressed" delight that we meet to discuss the important issue is the IDP issue that still need more solidarity work hard and that comes project [unite] the foundation stone for the organization of this qualitative effort and re helm of humanitarian activities to the path of organization and planning collective through drawing roles and distributed according to the abilities and capabilities and enable those responsible to draw up a plan beyond improvisational act to organize professional flour. "
He said these efforts come" through the support of the central government activity efforts in cooperation with local authorities in the provincial councils and the Ministry of Displacement and migration, which I am pleased to welcome him also representatives of the central government a way that ensures advantage of all the efforts and exempt movement of the intersection and engagement in the duties and obligations and powers. "
He said al - Jubouri , " I think that this matter should be verified in this important phase for the organization to absorb displacement plan and return at the same time and keep track plan administration in parallel with edits continuing in areas where battles revolve Ben our heroine and organize Daash terrorist. "
the chairman of the parliament , " thanks and appreciation to the international community and international organizations who provided and continue to provide a lot of financial support for the displaced file , I only hope that such support and advisory and training aspects include are not less the need for all kinds of humanitarian support. "
He stressed , " we believe that the step foundation and the most important on the road to a solution and that none of the measures will not be fully reported a substitute, is the elimination of the base reason for the expansion of the phenomenon of displacement, which is the elimination of terrorism, and the expulsion of elements [Daash of cities and the occupied territories, and move other foundation is the unification of the priorities of the government and the House of Representatives and all concerned towards the displaced file and agreed that put this file under the blessings of their priorities to set off the launch and one treated and all within the area. "
He argued that" the work is serious and in communion with the relevant parliamentary committees, on the study and evaluation of the current legislation of displaced persons and the relevant legislation, and adapted to international instruments and conventions ratified by Iraq and within compliance unrealistic to have, and can be written by a parliamentary committee of committees deportees and displaced and Aleghanoanh, financial and human rights, etc., with specialists, experts and civil society organizations, holds the assessment in this side. "
The President of the parliament , " as can be prepared a proposed law by the House of Representatives includes the issuance of an integrated and unified legislation represents a cover appropriate to the concerned authorities displacement file it should include addressing the legal, health and education problems. "
He stressed Jubouri" has to be for this legislation that includes complete protection and representative of the right to personal freedom and access to essential services and access to property and access to adequate work and education at all levels. "
He called for" a study enact a law for the formation of a supreme body of national disaster and relief to the displaced without loading the state additional financial burdens, as can be formed from the transfer of some ministries on structures financial allocations, and the establishment of a special fund has been responsible for the collection of financial disciplines, and contain the body was different disciplines and expertise of legal, financial, social and technical affairs, etc., and holds the displaced file management tasks fully, and to reduce the cases of violation of human rights there must be a role for the Commission on human rights in monitor cases of violation of rights of displaced people and punish the defaulters. " He
also called on al - Jubouri, the" formation of a parliamentary committee temporary consists of the legal Committee, and Finance, and integrity, and the deportees, with the participation of experts from the Audit Court, so as to control the mechanism of exchange and the financial benefits for displaced people and facilitate their administrative procedures, In addition to the formation of another parliamentary committee, to monitor the cases of traffic entry and exit of displaced people in and out of certain areas, in coordination with the security and military government agencies..

He concluded the speaker of parliament his conference by saying , " extend my sincere thanks to the Commission for displaced presidency members and the project of the US State Department and all the international actors coming together and local and international organizations, shareholders and experts in support of this meeting for their eagerness to end the problem of displaced people and an end to their problems and get rid of terrorism is causing it. http://www.alliraqnews.com/modules/news/article.php?storyid=35732