MPs outwitted in the "Rating" .. how can the people trust them? (Video)

04/17/2016 10:25:12

BAGHDAD / obelisk: enclose civil rights activist - also described himself - Ahmed al - Khafaji, in a letter sent to the "journalist citizen" in the "obelisk", a video clip shows the "fool" some deputies to the Iraqis, -aly as he put it - at the expense of the number of deputies who voted to hand the dismissal of parliament speaker Salim al - Jubouri, the supported video the fact that the dismissal meeting where a quorum , in fact, was not completed, due to the presence of only 131 deputies, contrary to what the populations that those supporting the sit - parliamentary, so that the quorum but not completed in the presence of 165 members.

And drive on it, according to the letter, that many of the MPs withdrew their signatures after the parliamentary session fabricated, led by a group of "fraudsters", who started the mobility Parliamentary fraud and lying Representatives, to wonder the message from any future for the Iraqi people waiting in the presence of such as those manipulators systems parliamentary squatters and even moral values ​​which are the immunity of the deputy or the political from sliding into immoral behavior in politics.

Apparently, the MPs deliberately voting "fast" to pass a "conspiracy" hatched at night, in a clear conflict of mechanisms stipulated by the Constitution with regard to the legitimacy of the dismissal, and constitute a quorum at the meeting.

This has led, as you can see the eye, and you hear the ear, to overcome the terrible legal and constitutional processes, to those who sign Aimenhm the Iraqi people the future, a country in political chaos receive its consequences on the war on terror.

The number of deputies of the protesters in the House of Representatives, voted on the fourteenth of April 2016, on the dismissal of the parliament speaker Salim al-Jubouri and his two deputies.

According to the author, that these fraudsters Representatives, sought to break the will of the people in the reform synthesized chaos, obstruction and clear for deep reform.

The letter concludes that reflect on the video, reveals the invalidity of the decision to dismiss the head of the parliament, in the "informal" session - as Alrsalh- and headed by Adnan al-Jubouri, it is waiting for the completion of the quorum number 171.

It is worth mentioning that the provisions of Article (59 / II) of the Iraqi Constitution and Article (12 / II) of the Rules of Procedure of the House of Representatives, the dismissal of the Speaker of Parliament or any member of the Presidency achieved an absolute majority of those present, provided a quorum of 165 deputies is completed (50% +1).

The practice of the House of Representatives for Democracy to "trick" and "cheat" to pass legal and constitutional excesses reveal intentions "malicious" to fraudsters

Parliamentarians are trying to pass political agendas aimed at political stability, structure and rhythm to everyone heads.

He subsequently withdrew about 26 deputies from the parliamentary bloc and the number is increasing, to turn the protest into the fabrication of the parliamentary minority will find the road impassable to pass the results that relied on them.