Parliament: MPs sit affect the adoption of important laws

Saturday 16 April 2016 | 20:38
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BAGHDAD / .. MP from the National Alliance Habib Terminal on Saturday, said the sit -in number of deputies inside the parliament building disrupts the work of parliamentary committees and the adoption of important laws that awaits the Iraqi street.

The Terminal's "Eye of Iraq News," that "the Iraqi street has been waiting for years legislation a number of important laws stalled because of political differences picket Representatives affect the approval after a rapprochement in order to be passed in the parliament," calling "the protesters deputies to the need for higher interest for Iraq and people on any interest. "

He added that "some broken laws serve the process of reform and change and the sit-in the House of Representatives after the discussion and approval of some of them," stressing "the need to end the sit-ins and to resort to dialogue and the participation of the other party in the process of building and reform of the political process without marginalizing party" .anthy 9