Political blocs rush nominate their representatives in the National

28.03.2012 | (Voice of Iraq) - add comment -
Baghdad / term work of the political blocs to choose representatives in the National Conference to be held early next April, at the time new coalition of state law that all the terms of Erbil, which insists upon the Iraqi List, have been implemented except for the formation of the National Council of the Supreme policies. And select the president, Jalal Talabani, after consultations with the prime ministers and House of Representatives, the fifth of the month of April as a date to hold a national meeting to resolve the current differences between the political blocs. The secretary-general of the current Liberal Zia al-Asadi that represents the Sadrist movement at the national meeting to be held on the fifth of the month is the next delegation to the preparatory meetings, noting that "not important from a political bloc, but what is more important principles that will be in this meeting." Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki has called on the Preparatory Committee to expedite the completion of its work for the national meeting was held after the Arab summit conference directly. Asadi said in a press statement yesterday that he "has been agreed on principles to be put forward at the meeting," noting that "the principles that were agreed upon among the problems is the separation of judicial and political problems and legal problems." He explained that "these problems must be solved each one separately and then be agreed between all parties to return all of these files to their origin, political issues are to go into politics and judicial issues go to the courts either legal issues, they go to law." The Alliance of Kurdistan has said his spokesman, that the alliance will determine a representative at the national meeting is expected and will give him all the powers to resolve disputes and outstanding problems and the success of the conference. said Farhad Atrushi, "The real problem is that the political blocs have not agreed until now on the agenda of the National Congress," adding that "Kurdistan Alliance and after agreement on the agenda will be determined and a representative will give him all the powers required to solve differences and problems outstanding success of the conference and out with positive results for all parties." He Atrushi, "The Kurdistan Alliance is interested to come out the results of a real process of the country out of the current crisis." In a related development called the Supreme Islamic Council, led by Ammar al-Hakim, on Tuesday, to apply all contained in the agreements of Arbil, in accordance with the Constitution and the political consensus. And threatened the Iraqi List, yesterday to boycott the meetings of the Preparatory Committee of the National Conference unless all application contained in the agreements Arbil. threat comes after the strained relationship between the governments in Baghdad and Erbil on the mechanism of state administration and the issue of Vice President Tariq al-Hashimi, who considers the Kurds politicized. The President of Kurdistan region Masoud Barzani initiative dubbed (agreements Erbil) to resolve the political crisis in September / September include a mechanism to form a government that is headed by Nuri al-Maliki within nine points pledged to all political parties to apply later. said council spokesman Hamid Maaleh told the Kurdish news agency "The Islamic Supreme Council with the implementation of all agreements contained in Arbil, according to the Constitution and the political consensus that took place between the blocks." He Maaleh that "everyone thought that some of the conventions of Arbil has been applied and some did not apply," adding that "Our vision includes the need to apply unless it is applied during the last period." and included agreements Arbil abide by the constitution, and to achieve both harmony and balance, and end the work of the accountability and justice, and activation of national reconciliation, and form a government of national partnership. The agreement also granted the post of prime minister of the National Alliance and the formation of a new council called the "Council of strategic policies" shall be vested in his list of Iraq, specifically, Iyad Allawi, who decided earlier abandonment of the position. view of Iraq that the coalition Disclaimer al-Maliki on the implementation of the terms of agreements, including the failure of Arbil nominate ministers and security chiefs not to the formation of strategic policies and not to resolve the issue of balance in government institutions. Is often the exchange of accusations between Iraq and the rule of law on the disclaimer on the application of agreements Arbil before it enters the Kurds a third party to talk about the rally around the initiative Barzani and try Tsuifaa. However, the MP for the State of Law coalition Ibrahim Rikabi stressed that that the terms of Erbil, which belong to the list Iraq has been implemented, all except the National Council for the strategic policies which the Board "failed" and can not be implemented. said Rikabi: The demands will not be implemented quickly to the presence of a preparatory committee preparing the papers preparations for the National Conference, representing all the political blocs, noting that each list submitted demands and the Committee collected all the demands in the paper and one of them for submission to the national conference. He added: It is assumed the list of Iraq should not set preconditions for the success of the National Congress, but there are political problems must be carpeted at the dialogue table and discussed in order to implement that could be implemented in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution, which determines which demands can be implemented and which can not be implemented. The MP for the coalition of state law that all the terms of Erbil, which belong to the Iraqi List, have been implemented except for the National Council for the strategic policies and can not be formed because it's basically the Board "failed" and has no constitutional cover, as well as Article (140) It does not concern the Iraqi List, but charges Kurds and the disputed areas in all parts of Iraq, the security ministries will be resolved at the national conference.

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