Obama's envoy to the infallible: worried about the political situation in Iraq

April 16, 2016 6:54
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Through the special envoy of US President Barack Obama for the management of the international coalition to fight al Daash US concerns about the political situation in Iraq.
According to a presidential statement and news agency Buratha received a copy of it, that "the President of the Republic Fuad Masum, met at the Peace Palace in Baghdad on Friday evening, special envoy of the US President to manage the international coalition to fight Daash Brett Macgork and the US ambassador in Baghdad, Stuart Jones, Talks during the meeting dealt with the political developments present in the country. "
And across the US delegation, according to the statement, "it expressed concern about what is happening in the political life in Iraq, noting the work by the United States and Iraq and in earnest with the international donors about securing the necessary support and assistance to Iraq at this juncture."
And between the delegation that "stability in Iraq greatly help in securing and facilitating international support required