Iraq participates in a conference of the Union of Arab Stock Exchanges

4/16/2016 0:00

In order to exchange information and offer stock plans
BAGHDAD Mustafa Al Hashimi ,

Executive Director of the Iraqi market for securities , Taha Ahmed Abdul Salam said that the market will participate in the annual meeting of the Board of Directors of the Union of Arab Stock Exchanges , which will be held in Jordan for the period from 26 to 28 this April.

He said Abdel - Salam told »Sabah» will represent the stock market in the event of three experts from the members of the board of Governors of the market to view the plans and the exchange of information and approve the annual budget of the Union as well as discuss the studies prepared by the Union in order to analyze the activity of Arab financial markets.

He said Abdul Salam that the goals of working with Arab and foreign financial markets are in exchange of experiences in the development of markets through electronic systems used, and through the instructions and rules that safeguard the rights and define the duties and roles of regulatory and methods of investors and the information required to contribute to the disclosure of corporate attraction.

He pointed out that the market was founded in 2004 and became an active member of several unions the most important of the Federation of Stock exchanges Arab since 2006 as the Union has a membership of 18 Arab market, and shares with the Arab financial markets in the dissemination of data and information through the website in Arabic and English as well as publication of news and statistics quarterly and annual market.

He said the Iraq Stock Exchange has become a member of the European Union , the Asian stock markets since 2005, noting: Contains Union 32 Arab, Asian and European markets and participate with them in the dissemination of data and information through the website for the dissemination of news and statistics quarterly and annual market.

He pointed out Subscribe to agency information in Arabic and data Direct FN since 2008 , an agency of Arab competent deployment of Arab stock exchanges data, explaining that the services carried out by the market through this agency is the broadcast of shares traded bar prices during the trading session aired live directly Real Time data through the Iraq stock Exchange 's website www.isx to enable investors to stock up prices and making trading decisions anywhere in the world, along with the publication of analytical reports that affect the share price and reports of joint stock companies information, as well as disseminating stock prices and corporate information through my agency Reuters and Bloomberg.
asked for »morning« on the organization of Iraq Stock Exchange local and international conferences to attract investment securities said Abdul Salam that the market is regulated and since 2007 every year two workshops in Baghdad early in the first half of the year and the second in the second half of the year.

He said the purpose is to review Iraq Stock Exchange plans implemented and phased implementation of plans to launch in the annual report each year, and raise awareness and attract investors through investment and software used by the trading mechanisms, and to discuss the disclosure and follow - up and monitor the performance of companies through their financial statements and information performance of its shares in the market, along with analysis of topics organize and participate in international conferences through a review of the performance of the Iraqi market and plans implemented and future plans under the Capital title market in Iraq.

and regulated by the Arab Federation of exchanges, in cooperation with the Amman Stock Exchange, « the annual conference of the Federation of AFE 2016» , which will hold its first session later this month and will last for two days in Jordanian capital Amman.

and it will kick off the conference, with the participation of a number of specialists on a global level and members of committees, at the international and regional levels, to provide highly relevant and interactive measures and address all the important issues in exchanges of all relevant stakeholders industry.

the general index for trading on the Iraq Stock Exchange Finance in Thursday 's session recorded a decline of 0.41 percent , the index reached 564.73 points.
during the session trading of shares 38 companies contribute out of 98 companies listed electronically, shares of eight companies
, and reduced share prices of 15 companies, while preserving the prices of 15 companies

the number of shares traded in the session of 980 million and 207 thousand and 868 shares worth one billion and 75 million and 132 thousand and 917 dinars, achieved through the implementation of 581 contract traded.