Masum calls for a "comprehensive reforms" in accordance with the thoughtful program

2016-04-15 22:19:16 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

He called on President Fuad Masum, on Friday, to conduct a "comprehensive reforms" according to a thoughtful program, and as he emphasized the importance of the observance of laws and resorting to the constitution, he stressed the need to end the partisan quotas , taking into account maintaining the balance of the components.

Masum said in a speech directed to the Iraqis: "I speak to you and start from two principles foundations no difference to them and they make a real and comprehensive reforms, according to a thoughtful program and correction of government, legislative and judicial institutions in the state track and away from quotas factional and partisan and uphold the public interest over private interests, and the observance of laws and resorting to Constitution as a reference to the top management of the state to maintain the security and integrity of the country. "

The infallible, that "while adhering to these principles, all the differences and differences in views are possible and are subject to discussion and dialogue and agreement on what safeguards the entity of the country and helps to progress in various fields."

Infallible and called for "all of us go, and across state agencies, a comprehensive reform program helps to end the principle of quotas party in the management of all state departments and independent bodies diplomatic, military and security corps with keeping the balance of ingredients prescribed by the Constitution, and the elimination of corruption and prosecuting corrupt the justice and the restoration of public rights . " .

The infallible need to "strengthen the victories achieved by our heroine against terrorism and ensure security, peace and freedom in all the cities of Iraq , " stressing the importance of "finding suitable to pass the financial crisis solutions as not to compromise employees and low - income bracket."

The House of Representatives voted during its meeting , which was held on Thursday, headed by Adnan al - Janabi, the dismissal of Speaker Salim al - Jubouri and his two deputies as the "consensus", and then decided to adjourn the meeting on Saturday.

As he emphasized Jubouri, yesterday, and the presence of "errors" constitutional and legal session yesterday, and promised " the practice is not the same consideration," while unlikely to have any effect on the functioning of the Council, pointed out that the latter would go to hold its normal starting tomorrow.

He said Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi, said yesterday that the differences within the House of Representatives led to "disable", and warned of continuing with those differences, expected to lead to the obstruction of the work of the government.