Masum stresses the need to preserve the prestige of the state and affirms the right of Representatives to express their opinion

2016-04-15 22:37:54 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

The President of the Republic Fuad Masum, on Friday, on the need to preserve the prestige of the state and its stability, and as he emphasized the right of MPs to express their opinion in peace and security, pointed out that the international and regional support for Iraq depends on the unity of the situation and the stability of political life.

Masum said in a televised speech: "I would like to thank all my heart demonstrators and protestors our children who have committed to the principles of freedom of expression through democratic practice purely and went out to the squares and streets of the country seeking to improve services and make reforms and prosecute the corrupt and sought their hands and Naazarhm including asking for, " stressing " the right of everyone and among them members of the House of Representatives, representing the people 's authority and legislative oversight, to enjoy full freedom of expression and posture in peace and security and the responsibility and dignity and without any pressure or coercion. "

The infallible, that "basically the responsibility of the Parliament is protecting and promoting democracy and responsibility of parliamentarians is to protect the unity of the national position on constitutional grounds, and save the political life and democratic practices without being drawn into the pitfalls and dark tunnel in this thorny circumstances."

He expressed the hope infallible "Representatives of all political forces to take into account this aspect with all the responsibility , " stressing " the importance of maintaining the prestige of the state and its stability, it 's all of our tent , although the Constitution , is what unites us and brings us together and organize our lives in it ."

Masum He pointed out that "Iraq is currently the center of the world to fight terrorism and fights for freedom on behalf of the international community amid dark conditions and we are in dire need of parking the international community with us and support us in the Holy our war, and we need the international and regional support for the preservation and promotion of our victories and building economic and service of our lives in this financial situation of emergency that we are going through , "stressing that" the international and regional support depends on the unity of the situation and the stability of the political life and the continuation of the democratic process according to the constitution in order to ensure win the confidence of our friends and brothers, especially the donor countries and international institutions like the World Bank and the international Monetary Fund. "