Khalilzad talking about "serious" Gamble-Abadi confirms: Maliki can sabotage


Write the American Ambassador to Iraq's past zalmay khalilzad an op in the " New York times " about " The Gamble-Abadi " serious and talk about the political crisis facing Iraq.
And he said the American officer who served in Iraq in the period between 2005-2007 that the last thing he needs is a special political crisis that he suffered a crisis of economical and face the risks stemming from the organization " State " in Iraq, Syria and the cost of his financial and human resources.
And he thinks khalilzad published his memoirs, entitled "Ambassador" will not be responding to the political crisis affecting Haider Al-Abadi government only under the cooperation of the American-Iranian to help avoid the evolution of the political crisis.
And I started the difficulties of the Iraqi Prime Minister on 31 March when the composition of the new government to the parliament. And with that what is within his authority as prime minister, but he made a mistake when you did not consult with political blocs and parties which dominated parliament as says khalilzad.
While most of the characters nominated by-Abadi is of technocrats and repute and integrity and vision of the power they do not represent the major Iraqi parties do not enjoy their support. It is no secret that-Abadi decided to do the step under great pressure and under public dissatisfaction from government failures in solving problems of economic governance and effectively.
And activists and reference under Shia Ayatollah Ali Al-sistani demanding for months-Abadi to take the necessary steps for reform which include reducing the number of cabinet and improving public services and reduce unnecessary expenditure and the fight against corruption. And he says that the-Abadi to advertise his government was an attempt to block the political leaders of others.
It was believed that provide strong and qualified team will lead to positive people and the support of the al-Sistani. The rest will be forced to approve his new government. And it didn't work-Abadi because many of the players in the parliament and accord them and shiites and year opposed step.
He said Ammar Al-Hakim, leader of the Islamic Council of, if he came from outside the government parties for the head of government to be like her in a hint to membership-Abadi in the dawa party and necessity has resigned.
Because the party's candidates are nominated by the government has decided to geological cordy for secretary of oil to withdraw his name because the Kurdish parties did not propose his name. Do Technocrat Shiite nominated for the post of minister of finance of the same thing.
And see khalilzad to the positions of the internal and external parties in their report to the next step, noting the role can be played by the former Prime Minister, which still retains with a strong impact in Iraqi politics.
The Former Ambassador of diplomats and officials closely related to the political scene, they say that the al-Maliki and if he didn't like about some of the names that appeared in the new configuration, it happy reject them because they make the post of Prime Minister, however, the dawa party Headed by far and a number of the names that have contributed to overthrow him in August, August 2014.
There is al-Sistani, which is an important player, its endorsement of the government of the reformers will grant her weight, and in return, to oppose such mean her death. And see that khalilzad Iranians who play the role of the godfather of the Iraqi political parties not satisfied-Abadi, who see it soon. of the United States, but they don't want to bring him down. Fear of long negotiations about his successor and Which may lead to the division of the Shiite parties and away from the fight to organize "state".
And see the former ambassador to Iran to see any success against the "State" linked to address the manifestations of dental concern instead of promoting sectarianism. For The United States, which played an influential role in achieving adjustments between Iraqis in recent years and has a good relationship with-Abadi is worried like the Iranians to affect the political crisis in Baghdad on the preparations for the campaign. Restoration of Mosul from organizing "state".
The author believes that the best way to prevent the evolution of the political crisis is to choose a government away from the influence of political parties, and it is not available at this time.
Here comes the role of the United States and Iran and encourage Iraqi leaders to grant-Abadi some changes in the government and not all of them. And proposes a way in which the writer gives us the opportunity to nominate ubadi 14 centres in the government wants to change her and left the rest are negotiable between the parties.
And concludes khalilzad his article by saying that the United States and Iran have a stake in resolving the political crisis and work in tandem for adjustments between the Iraqi political parties and the prime minister. As we have on Washington and Tehran to work together to prevent the development of a gamble-Abadi to major political crisis.