Al-Jabouri Warning: may continue for claims to fix personal ends


Careful Speaker Salim Al-Jabouri of claims to continue to fix personal ends.
And he said in a press conference today to "the presidency doesn't mean it. The issue of posts, and could have led the country in difficult juncture to the unknown, and we don't know the next steps that affect the people".
And it's "may continue to claims for repair in pursuit of a personal, warning to all conduct not considered possible to hit the country in danger must dissociate ourselves. about him".
And to "what happened yesterday in a session of Parliament, the case of kids hurt to legislative institution, and should not be deputies to have a crisis".
Al-Jabouri and explained to today's meeting was dedicated to host the prime minister to present the ministerial cabin, and since there was reluctance of ministerial cabinet. Because of the lack of consensus of Parliament, including to the prime minister didn't come and has not been completed A Quorum, there was no need for the meeting ".
He saw the "'s house today, is the practice by some deputies and a lot of mistakes, legal and constitutional ", Stating it's "there will be a meeting next Saturday and we are counting on the presence of representatives of the masses, and don't mind all of the debate about the sacking of the parliament or vice presidents at the same time you shouldn't call a negative message to the street".
And stressed the " Al-Jabouri's can't be the marginalization of the important components of a presence to make decisions within parliament, nor can I go political and civil life from the mess into a maze, because what has been achieved in the house of representatives, not a bit and need to nḑd This important role ".
And Drew to " meetings will be held regularly in accordance with the schedule and the context will continue, and that the situation has not changed, and we'll deal with him as a practice, and who would object to exercise the right of recourse to justice, and don't we look at the case Which I got, they were not considered, there is no sign of it legal ".