Iraq is witnessing political confusion Exchange


Thursday , April 14, 2016

The voice of the members of the Iraqi Council of Representatives Thursday in favor of the dismissal of Speaker Salim al - Jubouri , the impact resulting from the dispute over the naming of new ministers proposed by Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi between supporters of the Ministers of technocrats and cling to the privileges of political parties and political crisis.

She said a planned meeting of the MP Niazi Ooglua "has the sacking of the Presidium of the House of Representatives during Thursday 's meeting by a vote of the consensus of 173 deputies who attended the session, "out of 328 are all the members of the Council.

The dismissal of al - Jubouri , a requirement to be implemented for the deputies of the protesters in parliament declared him Thursday and ensure that they will not vote on any ministerial lineup unless fire the head of the House of Representatives.

The spokesman of Representatives of the protesters Haitham al - Jubouri , during a press conference in the House of Representatives to reject the House of Representatives any ministerial lineup unless they are sacking of the speaker of parliament and then change the independent Electoral Commission members.

The sitters Representatives Ainu MP Haitham al - Jubouri , their spokesman.

He revealed the House of Representatives decision Niazi architecture Ihsanoglu , in a press statement that the prime minister Haidar al - Abbadi will attend the parliament session scheduled today to discuss the cabinet reshuffle crisis.

The head of the Iraqi parliament , said on Thursday morning before being sacked the parliament to vote on cabinet reshuffle proposed by Abadi as part of an effort to fight corruption after a day of scuffles among the deputies who were discussing this reform step.

But events moved in sudden direction and dismissed al - Jubouri , a move described by observers as came to restore Securities mixing in a conflict between the political blocs that pay outwardly at least toward reform, and those who seek to preserve the interests and reject any ministerial assortment of technocrats proposed Abadi , in the context of the orientation of reform and the fight against corruption, but ran into strong opposition from stakeholders and influence. he has received after the rejection of the Government of technocrats Tuesday to postpone the vote to Thursday before the Iraqis surprised by the resignation of the Speaker of parliament.

And began to dozens of MPs sit in parliament hours ago Tuesday in protest at the list of candidates put forward by al - Abadi new ministerial formation, and they say it will lead back to corruption and nepotism.

He said the protestors of Representatives that the main political parties in Iraq 's agreement on the first list means that it will keep its ethnic and sectarian quota system which was introduced after the US-led invasion US United in 2003.

Critics say this system has allowed certain groups accumulating wealth and enjoy greater influence than others.