Zain Iraq Launches Innovative Service in cooperation with the site

Provide an opportunity for Iraqi consumers to benefit from the advantages of the digital world

Independent) ... Zain Iraq Zain has launched one of the leading group of companies in the telecommunications and data services to mobile in the Middle East and North Africa region a new and innovative service to all its subscribers in cooperation with site dedicated to book hotels via the Internet. It is the first of its kind service in Iraq will make way for Zain Iraq subscribers get a free credit when making a booking through allocated by Zain Iraq Site has been allocated a direct link on its Web site with Zain Iraq, and through Zain Iraq subscribers will be able to register when they visit the site by entering their phone number, and this is enough for them to receive some reward offered them Zain Iraq on their reservations after the booking period, up to 3% of the cost of booking is added in the form of free credit to their phone numbers note that all booking details will be approved by the site

Zain Iraq is keen on providing innovative technology solutions and sophisticated customers, and give them the opportunity for digital services in an easy and practical way through the access via its website to digital platforms and sites that offer distinctive services to meet different needs.

Ali Zahid, head of the commercial department of Zain Iraq, commented on the launch of this service by saying: "chime the service we provide to our customers in all parts of Iraq in cooperation with the site, with Zain Iraq-based strategy on the consumer to understand and make it the focus of any service to realize him what aspires to . This service will encourage our customers to benefit from the advantages of the digital world and its services will facilitate their lives and their communication with the outside world. " offers distinctive services site and facilitates the process of booking hotels around the world, by providing all the information, along with promotions and best prices and make bookings via the Internet easy, fast and safe way.

The Zain Iraq, one of Zain Group, the leading companies in the telecommunications and mobile data services in the Middle East and North Africa. Zain Iraq strategy based on consumer understanding and make it the focus of any service or idea to provide the best services and the most advanced of its subscribers to check what they aspire.

The proportion of awareness about the brand among Iraqis of up to 97% and this is what makes the common everywhere in Iraq, the most important reason for our success and motivation to offer the best technologies in the communications and information sector. And it concentrated Zain Iraq to see the year 2020 on a partnership with the young generation and provide products and services available to young people all he needs and can develop life and communicate with the world. Zain Iraq to provide a common better and faster 3.9G wherever they are in Iraq, based on infrastructure and equipment on a global scale as well as regional expertise available to common methods of modern and effective communication service. We are an integral part of the local community, partnership and cooperate with him in general and youth in particular strategic direction of each employee in the company. And always strive to contribute to the economic, social and cultural projects that fall within the corporate social responsibility program to make a positive impact in the life of the partner community. (End)