Najafi coalition calls for "respect" for the Presidency of the parliament and the government declares his candidacy for the upcoming cabins

Wednesday 13-04-2016
| 11:12:41Twilight News / coalition called "united" for reform headed by Osama Najafi on Wednesday to the need to respect the Presidency of the Council of Representatives, while denied the submission of candidates for the new government cabins, reiterated his support for a government headed by Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi Council that.

According to a statement issued by the coalition responded to the Twilight News, it "can not Ngeevi and a coalition united to agree to any deviation from the Constitution and the laws and rules of procedure of the House of Representatives, but condemn any attempt to undermine it," calling for "the need to respect the Presidency of the Council of Representatives and affirm their support for her." .

He called Najafi, according to the statement "all political blocs to resort to peaceful dialogue which would lead to decisions consistent with the rules of procedure of the House of Representatives, and bridge the relationship with the executive branch in order to achieve the aspirations and will of the Iraqi people, decent, away from attempts to impose the will or disable the standards and principles of democracy adopted, and should in all cases that the Constitution as an association basic high depends. "

The statement added that Najafi "confirms the commitment of the coalition are united national reform document as a roadmap for Iraqis gathered, and restore the lost balance, and check out of the crises plaguing Iraq."

He called on the coalition united by "the forces that did not sign the document to the need to sign the document and extend the momentum needed to achieve the desired goals and is consistent with the goals of the people's will."

The statement pointed out that "the coalition united confirms that it did not put any personal information to any government post in the next government, and sent the names to the President of the Council of Ministers is the personality of the gentlemen deputies coalition Iraqi forces nominations, and do not represent united position because he has distanced himself from any nomination ".

The statement continued that the "coalition united boss Najafi stresses support the government of al-Abadi, calls to hold a hearing at a time to be agreed upon, and if they can not be held in the House of Representatives, can be held in any other place, it should prevail democratic standards, and the likelihood of the majority opinion, with a real respect for the Constitution and the laws and rules of procedure. "

He called on the coalition to "scrutiny of candidates to the ministry and check their resumes through a smooth process without coercion or intimidation, or any attempts that could undermine the democratic standards."