British newspaper said that "Iraq faces an impending economic crisis."

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The Financial Times published a lengthy investigation into the great devastation left by regulation [Daash in cities lost control.

He pointed out that the investigation to the Iraqi government, which is facing a major economic crisis, can not afford the reconstruction of these cities.

According to the newspaper, the US-led coalition and the Iraqi government spent tens of billions to defeat al [Daash], and they have made gains in this endeavor, as 40 percent of the areas that were under the control of the organization has returned to the control of the Iraqi government.

She said the US Defense Department said it has spent 6.5 billion dollars since 2014 on military efforts against the organization in Iraq, was quoted by the Financial Times.

Financial Times pointed out that, in contrast, the ministry did not spend only $ 15 million to support the "stabilization" efforts, which poses the risk that Western countries may be winning the war, but they ignore the consequences.

The paper warned that Iraq faces an impending economic crisis, as it has a nearly 3.3 million displaced people [according to United Nations estimates.

And it warned that renewed sectarian violence could boost a state of anger that helped organize [Daash] to control the predominantly Sunni areas.

She said that these problems have turned military victories to losses process.