Muthanna Council calls for a re - statement of investment opportunities , which withdrew its previously

2016-04-13 11:15:27 | (Voice of Iraq) - Al - Muthanna

Committee called for investment in the province of Muthanna Investment Commission to re - statement of investment opportunities , which withdrew earlier, amounting to 58 degree in various fields.

Committee Chairman Mayali demanded in a statement that the re - announcement of the holidays and to bring the largest number of them to investors will provide new job opportunities for the people of the province and stimulate local economic reality.

He added that the current situation of the country makes it imperative for local government direction of investment and revitalization with other sectors for the development of the province 's resources.

It is noteworthy that the investment authorities withdraw the investment opportunities of the companies that got those opportunities because of its failure to implement the agreed investment projects for various reasons, and after he went to prior warnings.