Government bonds are active labor market

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Represent government bonds one port out of the crisis delayed the private sector entitlements that confound the reality of work and implementation in the country, where can this approach adopted by the Central Bank of Iraq from the activation of the movement inside Iraq, especially with the possibility of converting the bonds into cash (according to an economist), which he urged the necessity of activating the industrial sector at this time.
Bassem Jamil, deputy head of the Baghdad Economic Forum said that the government bonds, which approved the issuance of the Central Bank of Iraq to pay for the private sector dues is positive, especially as the state Bzmtha large debts to the private sector is difficult to provide the full amounts of the government budget at present.

Electronic deal

He stressed the importance of spreading the culture of electronic trading, indicating that the non-proliferation of the trading day lead to address many of the problems.
The Iraqi Central Bank announced the approval of a cell of the financial crisis, headed by the Prime Minister on the proposal of the central bank to issue government bonds for the payment of contractors and suppliers of state institutions, can be deducted those bonds at banks or sold in the market, as can be provided for loans is a guarantee for loans at full value nominal, and would contribute to ending the problem of entitlements and its aftermath, will also launch to stimulate economic activity and moving the work environment in all sectors.

Market activate

And the beautiful, that this process will bring activity to the Iraqi market and move the trade, stressing the importance that educates of this trend in the media to raise the confidence of citizens in this important deal adopted in many economies.
He pointed to the importance of electronic trading in the Visa card or MasterCard card or other transactions and this in turn reduces the cash deal, especially as Iraq is one of the world's most cash transactions, indicating the importance that the work to make the transactions so acceptable when the citizen.

Positive effect

He stressed the importance that the introduction of the opinions of economists and specialists in this regard who will have a big role in clarifying the significance of these trends, economic viability and how it can be adopted and signed them with positive
The beneficiary.
In a beautiful separate issue between the importance of activating the industrial production which enhances trading operations and does the movement of labor, especially industries that rely local raw materials for the purpose of reducing hard currency leakage, such as construction and food industries, cement, plaster, brick, block, Kashi, and petrochemical and other pointing to focus on reconstruction and the provision of infrastructure for industrial zones on the outskirts of the capital and in the provinces.
He was among the importance of activating enacting laws that serve the industrial action as a law and the law of the tariff protection of the national product, consumer protection and antitrust law and the contribution of the private sector representatives and the Council of consumer protection as well as speed up the formation of these councils and activating the role of civil society organizations
And unions.

New laws

He urged the need for legislation and other new laws to move to a market economy, labor law, Registration of Companies Act, the Income Tax Act and urged the government to implement these laws.
He also stressed the rehabilitation of industries that touches the basic citizen requirements and attract a greater number of the workforce to reduce unemployment with supplying these industries advanced production lines, as well as legislation to retired law workers and is profitable for workers in the private and mixed sector to promote employment for admission to employment in the private sector and reduce government employment.

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