Healing: Abadi will be presented at today's meeting cabins ministerial mixed
Tuesday April 12, 2016
- 11:07
Abdel Azim and Healing
MP from the Union of Forces Abdel Azim Healing revealed on Tuesday that Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi will present a session of parliament to be held today cabins ministerial mixed, while noting most of the MPs would abstain from the vote on the Cabinet nominees on the basis of quotas.

The Healing local media followed tow that "Abadi will be presented at today's meeting cabins ministerial mixed some technocrats and others from nominating political parties," adding that "there is a general view when more MPs that any minister nominated based on sectarian quotas, do not vote for him." .

"We as representatives have something of a rebellion far raises under the dome of the parliament, because the heads of the blocks are still insisting on the issues of the points they have accumulated in the elections and consensus in forming the government," adding that "two years ago to form a government and did not witness dramatic change".

Signed presidents, ministers and the House of Representatives and leaders of the blocks after a meeting they held, on Monday evening at the Peace Palace in Baghdad on the document of national reform, which included the most prominent political clauses creation of an advisory board that includes the membership of the leaders of political forces in the country. http://www.almirbad.com/news/view.as...2-6e4cace383a1