Council Babylon approve legislation adopting the standard performance of the Services Management System Act

2016-04-12 18:32:08 | (Voice of Iraq) - Babylon

Approved Babil Provincial Council, on Tuesday, on legislation , local law depends benchmark performance of the service management system, while noting that the law includes service materials promote the preservation (100 km ) south of Baghdad, confirmed that the law depends on the "appropriate means" to communicate with citizens.

The Chairman of the Planning Commission , the provincial council Fawzia Aljcami in an interview with (long - Presse), said that " the Board of Babil province approved during its regular meeting held today, the legislation of a local law (adoption of management system performance benchmark to provide services to citizens) , " indicating that " the law includes eight materials, and is characterized by stability and permanence of law and depends on the appropriate tools for communication between citizens and their involvement in the provision of services provided to them. "

It Aljcami, " The legislation came from the Office of the province of Babylon, Department of Supervision of services for the establishment of a unified data services include all of the number of population and infrastructure services to the database."

She Aljcami, that " the law includes the preparation of plans to improve services according to scientific methodology and take the necessary actions and measures for the promotion of the services provided in accordance with the specific timing and procedural operational plans , " pointing to " the formation of a joint working group comprising representatives of the departments to supervise in the office of the province of Babylon , and representatives of the departments and a representative of the Committee on House the province to be an observer on the performance of the delivery of services to maintain , compared with the benchmark for service. "

Aljcami pointed out that " the team is working on raising the periodic reports on the performance of the service departments and activate the participatory role of citizens through a field assessment of the service and the work of questionnaires to their opinion."

The Babil Provincial Council of his constitutional right to issue domestic legislation based on the text of articles 122 and 115 II of the Constitution and Article 2 and 7 ter of the law of the provinces is associated province No. 21 average in 2013.