Cultivation of Baghdad Karkh Directorate of the province are a number of agricultural activities

Dated: Tuesday 04/12/2016 7:48

Today Iraq / Baghdad
The cultivation of good Division - one of the formations cultivation Baghdad Karkh Directorate of the province, a number of agricultural activities that serve the farms, and aims to develop the agricultural process.
Allam, the Ministry of Agriculture, move us, too: "The most important activities Agricultural Division, is the follow-up unit of credit, and the implementation of the agricultural initiative projects, and promotion of credit transactions for farmers and peasants, as the unit stores operate on the receipt of special materials Balmibdat insecticides and taking them out for the purpose of control," and the work of prevention unit: "The follow-up results of the fight against Khias disease boarded palm, but blight palm leaves with the onset of pollen palm, and follow-up field to fields of wheat, to determine the severity of the infection insect honeydew and injury rust of wheat, and follow-up field for protected cultivation, to determine the severity of the infection insect (Tuta Abslota) that infect crop tomato. " The source also point: "create and prepare capacity ground sprays (100 liters), in preparation for the season control, where the unit of mechanization circulated leaflets own with machines and equipment, as the unit statistics, agricultural marketing, follow up on imported agricultural product prices and local for local markets, and the follow-up meat and poultry prices and eggs, and it is continuing to field tours with statistical difference in the Ministry of planning, for the purpose of taking readings (GPS) for the fields of winter crops growers, and the activities of the production plant, to follow the cultivation process to harvest wheat and barley for the winter season (2015-2016), and provide farmers with books additional fertilizer (15) kg per acre wheat crop, and start receiving maize models agricultural season Summer (2016), "As for livestock activities have been according to the source:" promote a large number of feed bran for livestock breeders transactions, and conduct revealed my website for the massacre of Thunder, for the purpose of rehabilitation and running in addition to the disclosures in situ for cattle breeders, for the purpose of promoting feed coefficients, "and also" the unit extension and agricultural training, circulate and publish brochures and folders on farmers, in addition to the work of the unit of land, which conducts joint statements with the Directorate of municipal Council and the Municipality of good, and met instead Rent land, where the amount arrived (1584968) million dollars. "