Tribute to UN endeavor of integrity for the use of experts and investigators in the international oil contracts issues and recover stolen funds

April 12, 2016 6:08
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expressed UNDP by the United Nations in Iraq director Hisham Aezzona during a meeting with Chairman of the Integrity Commission, Dr. Hassan al-Yassiri Monday 4.11.2016 expressed satisfaction with the recent actions taken by the Commission, especially with regard to its intention to use of experts and investigators started international in serious corruption cases of cross-countries, especially the issue of oil contracts and recover Iraq's looted funds.
UN program UNDP director in Iraq also praised the curve rising to the achievements of the Authority and procedures that seek to fight corruption and to deter and chase the spoilers, they returned quest Authority for the hiring of international investigators in the case of contracts raised by the Australian and US special undersigned company that (I'm Oil) bold and important complementary step to steps the body on both internal and external . And discussed by the parties, according to the official website of the body, "programs and projects of several, including the training and its impact on institutional performance, and the supply of equipment and training, and facilities for the rehabilitation of a group of associates; to Igdoa coaches with high efficiency to enable them to give the necessary experience to their colleagues working in the regulatory agencies, and admitted through the program to grant a diploma after coordination with the Ministry of Higher Education and scientific research. "
The anti-corruption program of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) has been prepared (20) training curriculum in various fields, especially in the legal field aims to prepare trainers Atkvlon the task of training the Iraqi Anti-Corruption Academy, it has been carried out so far three workshops, and the rest will be covered curriculum in subsequent periods.
It is noteworthy that articles 43 and 60 hoc international cooperation and training and technical assistance Nsta on (States Parties shall cooperate in criminal matters, in accordance with articles 44 to 50 of this Convention. The States Parties shall consider, where appropriate and consistent with their domestic legal system, to help each other in investigations and proceedings in civil and administrative matters relating to corruption (f) each State party shall, to the extent necessary, initiate, develop or improve training programs for its personnel responsible for preventing and combating corruption ... including the collection of evidence, investigation and capacity building in the formulation and planning methods strategic policy to combat corruption).