Iraqi cadres in the Maysan Oil Company provides $ 300 million

April 12, 2016 6:42
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The cadres belonging to the Iraqi Missan Oil Co. to provide the amount of {300} million dollars, and that run through the flames of high pressure and the low tube track in Abu West station in the province, which was entrusted to a Chinese contractor.

A statement of Missan Oil Co. Tlqtokallh news pratha copy of "cadres of pipes and valves Maintenance Division in the maintenance department return to the board run Missan fields has changed the tube flares high pressure and the low path in Abu west of the southern second station AGS2 measuring 14 Lang and a length of 1,000 meters north of the station from to the south because of the station and the surrounding area as a result of contamination of non-splashing burning oil. " "Since the Chinese side to prepare an order to refer the project to a Chinese contractor and the price My guess 300000 three hundred thousand dollars for the completion of this work, has been refused work by the former body was director Hussein Belaot Kazem commissioning maintenance pipes, valves, local cadres working in the Division." He pointed out that "a meeting was held with the risk analysis JSA and coordination with the HSE to clear the area of ​​mines and ordnance Division Division, then work through the transport and movement of vehicles and equipment to the job site and then transfer tubes and direct the work, which included a chapter and welding spark high pressure and the low laying and welding and drilling the buried pipe flares high pressure and the low 14 gauge Lang and a length of 500 meters each, as well as the transfer of gravel Fund Grvavel box tube old drainage station and link it to a tube of high pressure after making some changes it was also cutting the old pipes and connect the new pipeline Bdelha inside the station and brought into action. " .