Reform efforts ranged between political initiatives and sub ​​- committees sustained two months ago


BAGHDAD / Wael blessing

Suddenly declares Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi late in the month of February last, hours of his European tour before, that he wanted "a fundamental change" in his government, but he returns after three days of his visit to find the surprise of a different kind.
At a time of 60 days, from the moment of declaration of his desire Abadi government amendment yet 0.4 major initiatives, the number of calls offered to reform the political system.
As it was formed about eight committees of the follow-up "reforms," ​​and "choose the ministers," and convince the masses to change. And a variety of committees "independent", and other "partisan", and a third Berlmanah.ouchehd past two months, giving the prime minister, and leaders of the blocks, and the parliament and the "protesters", hey, determine the reciprocal of time limits have not been complied with literally.
Initiatives give birth to initiatives
All of these initiatives did not succeed and "commissions", or even the threat of resorting to "Plan B" in case of breach of Time ceilings that came in these different invitations, to speed up the formation of a new government.
He says Mithal al-Alusi, head of the civil coalition in the House of Representatives (range), said that "these initiatives feelers to Washington," which is believed to be will form the government in the end, especially after the visit of US Secretary of State John Kerry to Baghdad recently.
The leader of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada al-Sadr, first met the prime minister in mid-February, after returning from a European tour had begun to ask for financial support for Iraq.
Sadr announced the time for the formation of a committee of 20 personal Abadi holds the help for the selection of "independent" government, and set a 45-day deadline for the prime minister to form his ministry but found himself out of power.
The step-Sadr is the second initiative, announced after al-Abadi, that night, for the first steps of reform. Abadi and expanded the initiative to break the record, because it is distributed to 10 files by 106 pages.
Lengthy document has not attained the attention of the political blocs, only a part of the choice of ministers. And it directed the political parties harshly criticized Ebadi for the nomination because of the ambiguity of ministers standards, conflict of some items. In the meantime escalated popular protests, after meeting al-Sadr and al-Abadi in the city of Kadhimiya did not run him a lot. The leader of the Sadrist supporters weekly demonstrations to sit-ins, the other is to broaden the initiative to 26 points ahead of the 45-day deadline.
And it included the initiative, the abolition of political quota system and to accelerate the reform of the political system, as well as to emphasize the independence of the judiciary and not politicized.
The head of the Liberal parliamentary bloc, following the launch of the initiative of the chest, "The prime minister did not accept or reject the initiative."
In the meantime display the Supreme Council leader Ammar al-Hakim, a reformist principles, include changing ministers and senior positions at once, and then subsequently expanded also to a larger initiative specific Ptoukitat time, and Msarien, one representing (sermon b), in anticipation of the failure of the first track.
In the same context, the Virtue Party, its own initiative, as he called the spiritual leader of the party reference Mohammed al-Yacoubi, to hold early elections after the formation of a genuine independent Elections Commission, and amending the election law.
He concluded League of the leader of the right Qais al-Khazali initiatives tape, paper included an emphasis on the need to respect the Constitution, and the gradient in the political system to a presidential change.
And limited initiatives and calls on the Shiite parties, with the exception of calls by former Prime Minister Iyad Allawi, who called for the establishment of a national salvation council.
Absent from the Sunni and Kurdish forces initiatives, while saying the victory of al-Jubouri, an MP for the coalition forces (range), that the mass "has lost its audience among the displaced people and prisoners have Daash" He pointed a spokesman for the Information Office of the Prime Minister Saad al-Hadithi, earlier this April , that "Abadi not adopt any other initiative out what put before parliament," referring to the initiative that accompanied the submission of a "closed envelope government."
Alusi says that "these initiatives do not always get accepted among the political parties did not yield serious solutions." While al-Jubouri says, "it is a reputable initiatives, but it is carried out?".
Traffic timings
The past two months have seen the launch of a number of timings to form a new cabin or conducting political reforms. Vomhl Prime Minister parliamentary blocs period of one week to provide replacements for current prime minister. Abadi and returned to his pause to extend two more weeks, but the final deadline also expired without offering blocs candidates.
On the other hand put the cleric deadline of 45 days to implement the initiative. The deadline expired Sadr parliamentary vote in early April, to change, to disagree on the names of candidates.
And included a wise initiative, multiple timings, to evaluate the work of the new ministries, the transition to the second track.
And it ended last Saturday, the ten-day deadline which Parliament promised after the vote on the "Abadi candidates" for the new government.
Sustained fission committees
Conversely During the same period, the formation of a number of committees. And the form of the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said the committee as one of the experts to choose the ministers of technocrats. Abadi and committed to a month-long silent on the identity of the members of his committee, so that later turned out to be headed by MP Mehdi al-Hafez.
Turn-Sadr has formed a committee of 20 people, about 90 candidates chosen for the government, and included a "closed envelope government," some of those names.
On the other hand the three presidencies and political blocs meeting came out in March, with three committees, the first to help al-Abadi in the formation of the government, and the second for dialogue with leaders of the sit-ins, and the last to speed up the broken laws and end positions management agencies.
Did not check any of the three committees objective of its formation, while the committee "help Abadi did not take place" only one meeting, but failed to reach tangible results.
Subsequently form the National Alliance, the Committee on quad membership Faleh al-Fayad, the national security adviser, along with all of Hadi al-Amiri, secretary general of the Badr Organization, in addition to two other members.
The credit is due to the recent political blocs Commission has succeeded for the first time to disclose the number of ministries in the new government, and the names covered by the minister to change.
Continued commission of the National Alliance political blocs her meetings until the day of delivery Abadi list of ministers proposed. After that the parliament decided to form a committee of the political blocs to study "the functioning of the new ministers."
But Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, preferred to send their CVs to "fixed parliamentary committees", rather than forming another party to prevent the politicization of the issue.
Finally, the form of the National Alliance, the Committee of eight, with a membership number of limbs, and began a tour between the blocks to set new standards for the selection of ministers "technocrats" nominated by the same political forces.