The absence of three blocks from the presidencies meeting aborted signing of a modified version of the wise initiative


BAGHDAD / Mohammad Sabah

Arthnt cabinet reshuffle understandings must be concluded by the political blocs before entering the House of Representatives on Tuesday.
Until late yesterday, it was the difference, "master of the situation," between the User refuses to vote on the ministers were nominated according to the principle of quotas, and sped between the parties to submit new ministers.
This led to sharp differences, which manifested itself Province 3 of the major political blocs to a meeting last presidencies, to pre-empt the signing of the document "National Project for Reform", which is a modified version of the wise initiative made by Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri.
Abadi and did not complete the list of Cabinet nominees, and to ensure a comfortable parliamentary majority will not be risked repeating the experience of the government "closed envelope."
With the exception of the Supreme Council of blocks and virtue, and the Union of Forces, it presented their candidates, it is not clear that the other parties has custody of the government's reform some details of the position.
MP says Nazim al-Saadi, a member of State of Law bloc, said that "blocs agreed with the prime minister to submit their candidates for ministerial cabins that remains is up to Ebadi to choose the most efficient and the most viable and technocrats."
He Saadi, in an interview with the (range), that "three presidencies meeting gave Abadi three months to resolve the issue of independent bodies and general managers and deputy ministers, ambassadors and security grades."
He said deputy state law that "this national document is not signed after an absence of three of the mass of the call and the Liberals and the Kurdistan Alliance task blocks."
Saadi and questioned in the presence of al-Abadi in the session on Tuesday because of the reluctance shown by some of the blocks in the passing candidates presented by the prime minister to the parliament in the last period.
A member of state law that "the call for the block will not vote on the new list that Stakhtarha political parties and blocs in the display in Tuesday's session."
The Prime Minister announced earlier commitment to the completion of the ministerial change in the time set by the House of Representatives to vote on the government "closed envelope" presented by al-Abadi in 31 of last March.
In a related context, Salah Abdul-Razzaq said, a leader of a coalition of state law, "The meeting of the three presidencies and the leaders of political parties and blocs, which was held on Sunday, held under the province a group of political blocs national such as the list, headed by Iyad Allawi, and the Dawa Party, headed by Nuri Maliki and the Sadrists, as well as Kurdish blocs. "
He said Abdul Razak, in an interview to the (long-Presse), that "the presidencies of the meeting's program included, among other things, discuss the nominations for the new government cabins."
He said the leader of the coalition of state law that "the meeting should have been the national project for reform presented by the President of the Parliament acknowledges, Saleem al-Jubouri, which is a modified version of the head of the Supreme Islamic Council initiative, Ammar al-Hakim," adding, "But many of the political blocs boycott of the meeting I postponed it. "
Abdul Razak stressed that "the government cabin given by the Prime Minister, Haider al-Abadi, a closed envelope to the parliament, had burned as a result of lack of interaction with the candidates of the political blocs, which forced him to claim the nomination of discretion."
He said the leader of the Dawa Party, the "Supreme Islamic Council presented three candidates for each ministry of the stake, a youth and sports, oil and transport, as the Virtue Party and Muttahidoon presented their candidates as well."
He said Abdul Razak, in his speech yesterday, that "the heads of political blocs if they agreed on candidates for the new government as well as the paragraphs of the National Reform, will be presented on Tuesday (today), to Parliament and pass it quickly."
In turn, says MP Khaled Mafraji, a member of the Union forces, "The meeting of the three presidencies come to achieving an agreement in principle to be comprehensive and change radically the current ministerial cabins and independent bodies and special grades and security positions." He expected to see the next few hours to sign a document of honor among the leaders of the political blocs to implement the reform items.
And whether the Forces Union has submitted a list of candidates for the prime minister, Mafraji says (range), "The Union of Iraqi forces Not seeking too much on the issue of ministerial portfolios, as far as looking for ensuring his rights and the rights of its provinces and the fans of liberalization under the regulation Daash land and approve the amnesty law National Guard and limiting arms possession state. "
And confirms the leadership of the Union of Forces that "the subject of names is not as difficult and will be decided in the coming hours."
Mafraji, who spoke late yesterday, said that "blocks all the names of candidates by the political blocs have not been resolved to the Prime Minister Abadi in order to put forward in Tuesday's session tomorrow (today)." But Mafraji expect that things are moving toward decisiveness. "