Iraq participates in the World Economic Forum, Canada

Economy Since 04.12.2016 at 10:46 (Baghdad time)

BAGHDAD - balances News
The president of the Iraqi Economic Council, Ibrahim al-Baghdadi, Tuesday, for the opening of the first Economic Forum conference in the Canadian city of Toronto, in the presence of a large number of businessmen in Iraq and the global and Canadian companies and Iraqi officials.

He said al-Baghdadi, during a speech at the Iraqi Economic Forum of Canada, which was held today in Toronto, "The conference discussed ways of enhancing joint cooperation and exchange of experiences between the municipal political and economic conditions," adding that "the conference lasts seven days and will head the Iraqi delegation to the city of Ottawa, the Canadian capital to attend a conference there is another and heading to the city of Montreal Lgel delegation participation in the international exhibition for food and that the participation of more than fifty countries and the delegation will return to Iraq after the end of the show. "

He said al-Baghdadi, said "it was agreed between the two parties on a number of partnership public and private sector contracts," explaining that "the Iraqi delegation discussed the issue of opening a Canadian Embassy in Baghdad."

He said President of the Economic Council, "we hope to be granted Canadian commercial agencies for Iraqi companies and not exclusively regional companies."

For his part, he expressed his willingness head of the General Union for cooperation Muhammad Tariq said "Iraq is ready to receive international companies and Canadian civil institutions to work, cooperation and common for the advancement in the reality of Iraq and the service of the cooperative side."

He said Tariq "The forum Iraqi Canadian was the first practical experience of the Council of Economic Iraqi and actually had to organize the Forum amounted to international conferences level", adding that "the Council has proved the efficiency and its members, led by head of the Iraqi Economic Council, Ibrahim al-Baghdadi," explaining that "the General Federation of cooperation He participated in all the institutions in the forum. "

For his part, Mohammed al-Asadi secretary of the central health and humanitarian Cooperative Association explained to the General Federation of cooperation that "we were able through Congress extend the joint Jsooraltaaon with companies and organizations that are interested in the health aspect and have a real representation in Iraq to support the general activities of the Union for the cooperation of these ancient Union It works on the support of all segments of Iraqi society, whether healthy or service. " Ended 29/42 g