Keywords: identity of the state of the national currency

4/12/2016 0:00

BAGHDAD - Hussein al-Tamimi Tgb
Examine CBI specialized international companies and technologies for issuing currency safety standards that must be available and which contribute significantly to the reduction of fraud that have a negative impact on the economies of countries currency crimes.

Dr.. On the Keywords Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq, said during a symposium carried the safety address in Circulation: We face today the subject touches the sovereignty of the state, especially as the banknote is part of the identity and address of each country, and that their exposure to counterfeiting infringing entity state, indicating that the banknote in any country It represents his identity to the world and is characterized by its safety standards, and over the decades banknote passed many Bmkhadhat their exposure to fraud negatively affected in reality monetary Iraq.

Trading organization

He pointed out that maintaining the banknote and regulate circulation should be on high alert to reflect the physical and moral value of that look at the paper as part of our identity, pointing out that the central works tirelessly to keep the banknote in all its forms and value through a monetary policies to sustain them.

Keywords pointed out that the paper is a store of value, warning of exposure to counterfeiting warehouse where he will turn to crime, stressing the need not to leave the banknote without follow-up, pointing out that the Central looking for leading technologies and provide outstanding safety required specifications and internationally accredited. A proud day that the banknote window progressing the holdings of the technologies overtake the developed countries, and praised the fruitful cooperation with the German construction company that works to support Iraq in this area.

The integrity of the currency

The representative of the SPM company has stressed the importance of currency safety reasoned, however, that trading without a safety displays the country huge losses, which requires availability of safety conditions in the country, pointing to the importance of spreading the culture of anti-money laundering and this is extremely important because it affects the human rights and must be that there will be a message to all citizens, banks and inform them of the protection of their money mechanisms. But Ferenc Ceselana director general and vice chairman Gieseckes Devrient group talked about the show includes images of cash for securities and specifications of safety, also gave a detailed analysis of Iraqi currency, and to identify the safety standards there.

Security paper

As the activities of specialized seminar included a presentation of the operations of the cash trading via the identification of fraud and through the use of counting and sorting machine and check the currency, as well as the stand at the culture of money laundering, as well as general specifications of the local currency, which includes high-quality watermark and thread guarantor developer and printing cavernous as well as Desktop security hidden Alcklishh (radioactive region), numbering and date of issue and the signature of the governor.