Sadrist ministers offer their resignations to the Abadi


Monday , April 11, 2016

Announced Minister of the Liberal bloc, on Monday, submitting their resignations to Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi as of today, considering staying in the new government of quotas as a "production-corruption process and failure again."

Ministers said in a statement today that "based on what came speech Sayyed Moqtada al - Sadr on March 31 , 2016 at the end of the sit -in of the Iraqi people in front of the green doors it was decided to submit resignations We, the Ministers mass Alakharar from this day and sent to the Prime Minister and the lack of presence of the headquarters of our ministries or meetings of the Council of Ministers. "

The minister, that" to stay in the new government of quotas is the production process corruption and failure again. "

The liberal bloc has three ministers in the current government, and they and Industry Minister Mohammad Darraji, Minister of municipalities and Construction and Housing Tariq Kikhany and water resources Minister Mohsen al - Shammari.