Nominations ready cabinet reshuffle and expectations of passing in Parliament


Monday , April 11, 2016

Wrote Osman Mukhtar: the corridors of the region 's green Baghdad seemed crowded political meetings between the leaders of blocs and parties and the prime minister, Haidar al - Abbadi, less than 24 hours on the date of Iraq 's parliament session, scheduled on Tuesday morning, the scene was not unusual for the heavily fortified area, which includes the headquarters of the government and institutions sovereign and international missions, about a year ago.

Attribute observers tireless movement in the green Zone to the visit of the US Secretary of State, John Kerry, to Baghdad two days ago, and held closed - door meetings with the leaders of the blocks, each individually, to clear a new political agreement that includes rejected the majority of the names of candidates in landmarks the end of last month 's session of parliament, and to give the political blocs right to nominate ministers for the prime minister, but under conditions imposed by al - Abadi.

According to the official Iraqi senior, speaking from Baghdad for "new Arab", the "head of government began, this morning, in a review of a report by the Commission advisers have been assigned to review the names submitted to him by political parties and blocs, "adding that" the Commission submitted a detailed report on each candidate to the post of minister in the new government in a way marks. "

Explains the Iraqi official, a senior officer in the cabinet Secretariat, in detail , saying:" there are candidates They got nine of ten, and others on seven of ten, and so on , according to the ruler controls have been developed and measuring them , "likely to be delivered complete file from the government to the President of the parliament tomorrow, provided that they are solving the problem of foreign minister, Ibrahim al - Jaafari, who refuses leave the office to meet with him president of the "National Alliance", the ruler of the country, which includes other Shiite "call" and "Sadrists" and "Supreme Council", and blocks blocks.

The same spokesman confirmed that, according to the law, will be former names provided by the Prime View the government of the parliament, and are rejected , mostly, are to provide the names of their place, this is the scenario the candidate for tomorrow 's meeting if held.

According to leaks of the names of new ministers and the government of al - Abadi, said the most prominent of Muhammad Ali Hakim, Iraq's ambassador to the United Nations, to the post of foreign minister after Sharif Ali exclusion Ibn Al - Hussein, as has been Fadel Abdul Nabi nomination, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Finance and the present, to the post of finance minister, also raised the engineer Khaled Hassan al - Samarrai names, Undersecretary of the current minister of the Ministry of Electricity, as minister for the same ministry, Musa al - Moussawi, head of Baghdad University, higher education, and Mustafa al - Hiti planning and current Attorney parliament Abdul Kahar Samarrai , the Ministry of Education, while the name of the businessman and Iraqi politician called Laos Orfali asked to take over the Ministry of Agriculture, while maintaining the interior and defense ministers.

The recent agreement between the Abadi and political blocs, sponsored by the US and support for an Iranian, as a wrap on the reform project provides, in the beginning, that the government will be technocrats, nor interfere with the participating political parties to nominate ministers, and the minister not be partisan or political, but rather an independent, which was welcomed by the Iraqi street, but he refused the blocks, and the attainment of the political crisis dangerous levels, summoned mediations Iranian and US to prevent the collapse of the government of al - Abadi, for several reasons, most notably the war to organize "Daash" file, and efforts to recover about a third of Iraq , which is still under the control of the militant group.