Banking companies that do not serve the economy

4/11/2016 0:00

BAGHDAD Mustafa al-Hashemi
Called economic researcher Lubna al-Shammari to stimulate the national economy by encouraging private companies to transform their activities profitability of Bachirvh to industrial productivity.

She Shammari said in an interview »Sabah» that the majority of companies that are registered in the Ministry of Commerce Recent big are either contractors or companies and offices banking is barely advanced to the economy something vital, stressing the need to provide ways supportive of the process of production, especially for the private sector because it possesses the freedom to manage his money away from the bureaucracy, as well as its potential to take the lead and to be synonymous with the productive sector and government hub actor in the economy.

They pointed out the need to have private sector companies a role in increasing the GDP instead of continuing to find ways to win on the general situation account that It weighed heavily in the national economy, pointing to the importance of that economic actors take measures that will help transform the activities of these companies to profit only into a productive profit. And it showed the importance of adopting effective and quotation plans global economic experiences of states have passed similar circumstances to the circumstances experienced by Iraq in order to promote economic reality, citing the need to use the time to start the real development of the national economy. Shammari confirmed plans to complete the production and promotion campaign for marketing as well as providing the necessary support for the success of the national production and reduce imports unexplained luxury materials or materials that can be produced inside Iraq mechanisms.