Daash receives a painful blow in the axis Ba'shiqah
Sunday 10-04-2016
| 7:08:47
Twilight News / official Alپeshmrگh Kurdish forces in Nineveh province, said on Sunday that the international coalition led by the United States was able to Astmkan column of belonging to the organization "Daash" terrorist and complex wheels of weapons and ammunitions its near Bashiqa of the province city of planes, referring to the killing of many of the terrorists and the destruction of the convoy and complex.

The deputy administrator axis Ba'shiqah forces Alپeshmrگh Najim Abdullah Qado in a press statement responded to the Twilight News, he said the international coalition aircraft, based on the information provided by her Alپeshmrگh forces targeted a convoy of the wheels belonging to the organization "Daash" The terrorist was head of the Liberation neighborhood of central Mosul to Ba'shiqah city center.

He added that the information obtained by the leaders Alپeshmrگh field in the region, destroying five wheels belonging to terrorists and was a genocide of the bombing.

He noted that another air strike for the international coalition aircraft targeted a compound of weapons and ammunition belonging to the terrorists in the village of Fadiliyah Ba'shiqah led to the destruction of large quantities of weapons and ammunition and killed more than 5 terrorists.

According Qado the ongoing coalition aircraft in the raid the places terrorists in the town of Bashiqa and its environs since Sunday morning to evening continuously.