Range: Jaafari issued an order appointing his relatives and relatives of his relatives in Iraqi embassies abroad!
Dated: 10/04/2016 Sunday

Revealed to the Committee on Foreign parliamentary relations, Saturday, that the State Department is seeking to appoint 48 ambassadors in various countries around the world, and promised to try "to set the kin and give them special degrees", and as pointed out that such a move is not consistent with the government 's policy of merging ministries to hold ministerial limbering operations, confirmed its refusal so it is being assigned to the state "money expensive."
said Vice chairman of the Foreign relations Committee , Abdul Bari Zebari, in an interview that " the Foreign Ministry announced its desire to appoint 48 new ambassadors, at a time when the Iraqi government to merge some ministries, in application of the policy of austerity by the financial crisis taking place in Iraq. "
Zebari said," the appointment of 48 ambassadors requires 48 degrees private, as well as for the huge financial allocations to those grades and provide housing for themselves and their families , "adding that" in the diplomatic custom in developed countries , a diplomat is assigned to a person set as an adviser to the embassy or consul to act as ambassador and shall be treated as an ambassador at no extra cost because the counselor and consul exist there already. "
He continued Zebari that" such an endeavor to appoint new ambassadors aim to circumvent and the introduction of the owners of kin for appointment to the rank of ambassador , "pointing out that" this matter will be rejected by the Commission Foreign relations , "calling at the same time, the Iraqi street to the " refusal ".