Are settlement agreements occur at the last minute? Vice blocs are likely to provide the names of candidates in «one basket»

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Baghdad / follow-up to the Orient:
Likely deputy for the National Alliance on Sunday, the political blocs to provide the names of their candidates in one basket. Jabbar Abadi said «it is possible that a compromise on providing political blocs agreements speaking the names of their candidates for the new ministerial cabins are introduced and passed in one basket.» He said the Attorney-Abadi we «rule out that the names of the candidates show next Tuesday, because the political blocs have not made up its mind yet, since he has not been announced for any new names«, pointing out that «the eight committee of the National Alliance is working on a study of the matter with the blocks political to be negotiated with the Prime Minister and submit names to him. » He said «the period specified for the submission of names ends today», pointing out that «the delay Maud session was apparently in response to the demands of the political blocs», adding that «probably deliberately political blocs to submit their nominations in one basket to be passed to a basket of one«.
The Kurdistan Alliance bloc has confirmed its failure to provide any names of candidates, because of the lack of vision and finally the completion of the agreement with the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi on a final version. And the National Alliance MP Sadiq frankincense said «the political blocs will present candidates for ministerial change», pointing out that «these new candidates will be replacements for ministerial cabin provided by the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to the House of Representatives». It is said that the parliament deadline on Sunday after 10 days identified in recent its meeting held on 31 March last to vote on the ministerial cabin. It is scheduled to hold three presidencies and the leaders of the political blocs to a meeting today to resolve the issue of cabinet reshuffle. The new Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi yesterday its commitment to provide the ministerial change to the House of Representatives on time »adding that« reshuffle small part of the reform ».