Shahristani , a waiver from the "case" against Daini pays "last" to discredit the "passport" staff

04/10/2016 14:17:45

BAGHDAD / obelisk: Informed sources, Sunday, the formation of an investigative committee against an employee of the Passport Directorate Amtall for issuing passport of former MP Mohammed al-Daini travel, who received amnesty from the competent authorities after the waiver Higher Education Minister Hussein month Sinani for the lawsuit filed by against Daini for defamation .

According to the TV, "Bourne," the sources said, that "there are pleas to intervene to stop the action against the employee."

It was not possible for "obelisk" make sure details.

It appears from the context of the event, said the restrictions on the staff of walnuts is a foregone conclusion, because the consequences of a waiver Shahristani, who opened the doors wide open in front of suspicious transactions that exceed the laws and even moral norms.

The Directorate of Immigration may have seen last week, a wave of protests by employees who refused to grant Daini passport.

Quoted "obelisk" sources said Daini arrived within the Directorate General of nuts , accompanied by MP Talal Zobaie head of the Integrity Committee in order to obtain a passport from Class A , but the staff protested, the sources confirmed that the controversy and the strike was within the Directorate and specifically in delegates VIP Office Office the diplomat.

A spokesman for the Supreme Judicial Council, Abdul Sattar Bayraktar, had claimed on 23 March last, that the release of former MP Mohammed al-Daini was a special pardon, and the issuance of a presidential decree so.

Word Office of the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, a permit Birqadr on Mohammed al-Daini, saying that his statement "inaccurate and unfortunate."

Referred to the former MP Mohammed al-Daini accused Bjraihm related to terrorism, including the bombing of the House of Representatives cafeteria in 2007, which fled from Iraq after he was accused of the bombing, but he returned earlier to Iraq and turned himself in to the authorities.

The waiver of the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Hussein al-Shahristani, a complaint to him the issue of "defamation" against the wanted in Iraq on charges of terrorism, Mohammed al-Daini, have laid the political and legal precedent, it becomes a waiver of rights under the political deals, and drop charges against terrorists and criminals, a standard , controls the political process and court rulings.

By adopting this method Shahristani in transactions, it may be challenged justice, and clenching the ethical standards that are supposed to be controlled in such a senior al-Shahristani behavior.

Because of this behavior "abnormal" at the feet of al-Shahristani, a waiver for a person accused of terrorism, the concerned Iraqi style transactions that may lead to amnesty for others or supporters of violence and killing terrorists, and wanted by the Iraqi judiciary.

According to Iraqi political source, the waiver Shahristani, perhaps is the price for the personal benefit sought from behind to devote political existence amid calls to his dismissal, and in light of the approaching decisive in the forthcoming cabinet reshuffle.

The waiver Shahristani said the case against al-Daini, it is, according to followers of the Iraqi political affair, bet on his failure in the foundation independent political figure, and secure his political future.

If al-Shahristani, has waived his right to "Profile", it may be this step deliberately overlooked, the rights of the people affected by terrorism Daini, and digest rights, here highlights the controversy: "It compensates victims of terrorism Daini?"

He was arrested Daini in the fifteenth of October of 2009, by the Malaysian authorities while entering on a false passport after escaping from Iraq following the lifting of his immunity in February of the same year for his involvement in acts of violence, including the bombing of the Iraqi parliament cafeteria in the year 2007, which resulted in the death of MP front "national dialogue," Mohammed Awad, while the Central Court in Karkh district of Baghdad on the fifth of the month of January 2010 sentenced to death in absentia against him.

And opens the waiver Shahristani said the case against al-Daini, who take advantage of the way for "national reconciliation", for the rehabilitation of the supporters of terrorism again in the political process.

The wishes of the supporters of terrorism has been transformed thanks to errors such as those committed by al-Shahristani, to the facts over the disqualification of the reasons that prevent the return of criminals.

Turned political figures invitations known support for terrorism, of being behind the political scenes of wills, to public statements need to exonerate al-Hashemi and al-Daini under the cloak of national reconciliation, to put Hussein al-Shahristani, a first step on the road to rehabilitation wanted and accused of murder and terrorism.