After talks with the head of the Integrity Commission .. UN delegation agree to cooperate in the investigation of an international character and refund

Dated: 10/04/2016 Sunday 7:23

Today Iraq / Baghdad
Integrity Commission confirmed two days ago - Friday, the approval of the UN delegation to Iraq to cooperate with the Commission in the investigation of an international character and the recovery of funds.
Body - and, according to its website, said: "The UN delegation, discussed with Riasha- Hassan Yassiri several things in the fight against corruption and chase spoilers, as well as the possibility of the expertise of international investigators in some investigations the board integrity of an international character, relating to general international contracting issues." . Files that will be launched delegation to investigate it, would relate to the following: "It is within the files that will be launched delegation to begin its implementation, investigation reports published by the Australian and American signatories, regarding suspicions of corruption in oil contracts, and the recovery of funds and accused of corruption file, it will be at the forefront of protocol of cooperation Stbermh Authority with the United Nations. " Source also found that there are worthy information recall, provided to the conclusion: "The Article 46 of the United Nations Convention Against Corruption, which was joined by Iraq in 2007, paragraph / 1, including in particular, stipulates (the progress of nations, some parties to some, as much as possible mutual legal assistance in investigations, prosecutions and judicial proceedings related to offenses covered by this Convention), and paragraph / 3 stipulates (may request for mutual legal assistance to be provided in accordance with this Article, for any of the following purposes: to obtain evidence or statements of persons, and judicial documents, and implementation searches and seizures, and freezing, and examining objects and sites, and to provide original documents and related records, including government, bank, financial records or records of companies or businesses