Abadi project reformist and anti projects and Kerry in Baghdad

Dated: 10/04/2016 Sunday 7:25

Tariq Harb - legal expert
We are on the last day of the period specified for the vote on the cabinet reshuffle. It began and grew up projects and the opinions and views, even before you get to the last day on 9/4 / 0.2016, the last day set for the vote in Parliament on the cabinet reshuffle ten days,
For the day 31/3 he was scheduled to attend the Prime Minister in Parliament, and his talk about reform measures that he will, and his words on the cabinet reshuffle and personalities chosen by technocrats, where he was handed the CSS file to the Speaker of Parliament, and it was agreed to give the parliament only ten days. It is noted that the word of the Prime Minister, said that the reform measures include all aspects of the state, although the cabinet reshuffle stage of reform stages, not all correctional stages, so that the draft the Prime Minister, includes the deputy ministers and advisers, and all the special grades of directors, ambassadors and members and heads of all government departments, provinces, and independent bodies and non-independent.
Furthermore, that the reform project can be up to reduce the number of members of the same parliament constitutional passport contained in Article 49, which set the number of seats, did not specify the number of members, and if this project has been subjected to the dams and the opposition publicly demonized openly and secretly in the rough , so plastered in candidates each minimum cons of the inefficiency of the former system to the non-observance of the ingredients, not taking into account the women, and the interpretation of the Constitution in violation of reform measures, and the only things that were said and said of the political blocs that will lose their places in the executive branch, which is noted, that the intensity opposition and attacking the reform project, increase over hours rather than the days pass, and under these circumstances, arrives in Baghdad - US Secretary of State, to take action on the implementation of the US commitment in the strategic framework between the US and Iraq, the Convention of 2008, which necessitated the United States to provide assistance and assistance to the Iraqi side in the political and governmental issues, and the political process, as long as the base under the present Convention, are helping, but that seems to be Kerry's task will be more difficult, but not Palmsthilh, in all cases, we as Iraqis, we believe seriously the prime minister in his reforms and the implementation of those reforms after big step for the deputies of the President and the vice Prime Minister, though the screams of the opponents the highest impact on the ear, but we hope that the Constitution and the law and the public interest with Abadi in procedures, contrary to opponents who are calling for quota system and special interest