Blocs to nominate its candidates for devotional .. and the final list waiting for a crucial meeting presidencies


BAGHDAD / Mohammad Sabah

Prime Minister's Office began studying the biographies of the candidates and blocs of Ministers of the new selection in the light of the conditions agreed upon recently. And wait for the new government Abadi crucial meeting convened presidencies with the leaders of the blocks during the next two days ahead of a session of the House of Representatives next Tuesday.
The sources say that the political blocs close to the final list submitted after three candidates for each ministry, has not ruled out "," List blocs vaccinate some of the names that appeared in the list of al-Abadi, which withdrew most of its candidates.

These sources confirm that the upcoming cabinet reshuffle, none of the faces of the current cabin will not include, but pointed out that "systemic change" which will include the ministers of defense and interior easily change all of Ibrahim al-Jaafari, Hussain al-Shahristani, more ministers refused to change.
The Prime Minister announced yesterday its commitment to the completion of the ministerial change in the time set by the House of Representatives. "
And ended Saturday deadline set by Parliament for a vote on the government "closed envelope" presented by al-Abadi in 31 of last March that.
In a sign of fading fortunes of the proposed government, raising the House of Representatives last week's meetings until next Tuesday, after three days of his pause mentioned
MP says Messenger Abu Hasna, a member of State of Law bloc, said that "the political blocs agreed to vaccinate names provided by Abadi of the Parliament and presented to the vote at the meeting next Tuesday," pointing out that "the blocks that made reservations on the names put forward by al-Abadi in Parliament sent their candidates for prime minister ".
He said Abu Hasna (range), that "Abadi delivered blocs candidates being studied walked in the Prime Minister's Office before being presented at a hearing next Tuesday." He pointed out that "the list provided by Abadi in Parliament in addition to the candidates of the new blocks will be display at the next meeting."
And confirms a member of state law that "option remains left to the House of Representatives to choose the minister of the fittest and most efficient among these lists," but stressed that "both lists devoid of any character in the current government."
Despite the optimism of the rule of law, but the MP Kanna rule out a vote on the new list in the House of Representatives next Tuesday, pointing out that "the topic involves a constitutional and legal problematic."
He says we have (long) that "the replacement of ministers others need to submit their resignations or be sacked by the Prime Minister, which may hamper pass the new menu at a hearing next Tuesday," but asserts that "the political negotiations will be resolved all the obstacles."
In turn confirms MP Badr parliamentary bloc nostalgic Qaddo that "there are five candidates withdrew from the list of nominated Abadi put forward in the House of Representatives and thus will be the names of some of the existing adoption and is added to the candidates of the political blocs."
Attention Qaddo, in an interview with the (range), to "the existence of new names submitted by the parliamentary blocs to the Prime Minister, who is working on her studies at the moment," pointing out that "the choice of ministers will be subject to the conditions is that the candidate is not the first of his party or row mass and has the experience and be acceptable to the Abadi. "
Attorney networking and added that "the political blocs presented three candidates for each position will choose the prime minister, including the new list to be presented before the House of Representatives."
Qaddo confirms that the blocks are close to agreement on a final unified and definitive list of the proposed government, and is expected to vote on the new cabin next Tuesday and resolve all differences and reservations made by the majority of the political blocs.
For his part, says Mohammed al-Mayahi, a member of a coalition of citizen, that "all political blocs made Marchihaa according to specifications desired by the head of the government."
He explained Mayahi, in the comments made by the (range), that "the political parties settled their candidates is leaving only the Minister of Foreign and al-Shahristani, who decisively ordered them at a meeting of the eight committee of the National Alliance after the pledges given to the two ministers make radical changes, including the ministers of defense and interior."
Sees mass citizen member of that "with the eight committee's decision to conduct a radical and comprehensive change has become an argument for Jafari and al-Shahristani to stay in their positions despite their desire to do so," revealing "a forthcoming meeting of the three presidencies and the leaders of the political blocs to put the final touch on the list of new candidates."
Mayahi and asserts that "the new government will consist of 22 ministers without merging or cancel or feminine any ministry or government website of the lack of legal justification allows the prime minister," stressing saying, "If you do not pass these options under the dome of the House of Representatives in the coming sessions will be offered confidence from the prime minister. "