Deputy: Abadi will compare the candidates of the blocks with his booth and choose the best of them

The number of visits: 129 Published on: 10/4/2016, 13:22 Published by: Hamid

Deputy for the National Alliance said that "the political blocs will ministerial candidates for change."

Sadiq said chewing gum "These new candidates for ministerial replacements Secono cabin given by the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to the House of Representatives."

He explained that "Abadi will study well the names of candidates from the blocks and compare it with the names on whether he has actually achieved the standards set by the Prime Minister to choose and that happened it would have an advantage to run."

And the frankincense, that "each block will choose three candidates Abadi, one of them saying that" the right of the prime minister to reject candidates of the blocks if the criteria and conditions set by the candidacy did not apply to them. "

He said the "Abadi will vote on candidates for the House of Representatives, and if the candidate does not get the confidence of parliament, it will display another candidate, and it remains the basis of the current ministers, because the process is a change."

It is said that the parliament has until Sunday after the select 10 days in the past its meeting held on March 31 of the last to vote on the ministerial cabin.