Tuwaijri: Meeting of ministers of finance and economy in Baghdad will discuss the three basic axes of the most important of the Arab strategy for tourism and Arab water security strategy

Ali Abdullah - 27/03/2012 PM - 1:29 p.m. | Hits: 1


Said Assistant Secretary-General for Economic Affairs in the Arab League Mohammed Tuwaijri The meeting of the Ministers of Finance and Economy and Trade Forum will discuss the three main axes.
added Tuwaijri in a press statement on Tuesday before starting the meeting: The meeting will be chaired by the Iraqi Trade Minister Khairallah Hassan Babiker, and with the participation of 21 Arab countries , which will be delivered by Minister of Economy Libyan chair the meeting, the Minister of Iraq.
He pointed out: that the meeting will discuss the three main axes (the Arab Strategy for Tourism and strategic Arab water security to meet the requirements of the future and the Arab strategy for disaster risk reduction).
The Tuwaijri: The meeting will also discuss a number of economic issues in the Arab world, and seeks to come out with good results, and continued: that the university is considering the establishment of a early warning to predict natural disasters such as earthquakes and floods, warning that the Arab region of the areas most affected by global warming.
this and starts shortly after the meeting of the Ministry of Finance and Economy and Trade Forum in Sheraton Hotel in Baghdad.