Abdul-Mahdi: We need a great investment for the provision of sufficient quantity of gas for power

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{Baghdad: Euphrates News} oil minister said outgoing Adel Abdul-Mahdi, that rely on gas for power plants, must be seen from Zauitin The first is that the associated gas volumes, will not be enough to meet the full need for Iraq .. even if it invested the entire quantities produced and to achieve sufficiency need time great investments in associated and free gas. The second is that the import of gas does not increase the cost of importing or using the rest of the sources and derivatives.

Said Abdul-Mahdi said in a statement the agency {Euphrates News} received a copy of it on "in an open memo Isam al-Khalisi commented on an editorial written in the 15 / March last included information on progress in gas extraction, and start to export condensate, and soon willing, Allah liquid gas. It stresses brother Esquire that gas flaring over the past rates, and that Iraq signed contracts with Iran to import gas for power plants, which will cost huge amounts of money.
He continued, "Yes, that burned gas volumes have increased over the past decade than it was previously, a fact .. The reason that 75% of our gas is a gas attendant, increases with oil production, a fact that also .. and free gas fields constitute only 25% .. these have been neglected for many decades, and that the contracts signed for the investment of gas "hard up" and "Mansuriyah" have not been implemented because of security conditions .. The accompanying, who gas neglected in turn for more than eight decades, there are strenuous efforts to invest .. there are several facts must pay attention to her.
First, the associated gas associated with oil production .. which rose from 2.01 {} M.b.a in 2006 when Iraq was ranked {14} globally, ranking fourth with a total production 4.775} {M.b.a in January 2016, It comes more than {80%} of it from the central and southern provinces. There is no doubt that the increase in production is the highest rate of gas investment associated rates for the simple reason last .. It is the first licensing round, which includes the basic fields decades, the companies did not oblige the associated gas investment, as did the subsequent rounds decades .. so naturally to increase the burn rate . The establishment of "Basra Gas Company," to address the matter, which helped, and help to maximize gas resources.
Second: In the last two years, efforts have focused on the associated gas investment, which was the amount of {2100} million standard cubic feet per day Mqmq {}, burn him {1500} Mqmq / day. At the end of 2015 the amount of associated gas burned down to the {1000} Mqmq / day, ie was invested {500} Mqmq / extra day, and became the total amount invested {1100} Mqmq / day. And that the investment amount of the added gas in power plants, led to dispense with import volumes of diesel {} {12} the amount of one million liters / day in the year {2015}. Every {24000} liters / day of diesel equivalent to {1} Mqmq / day .. The increase in gas investment for dispensing the amount of liquid gas importing the {1000} tons / day, up to amounts in excess, will begin to be exported soon, as well as condensate from excess which commenced export, at an accelerated pace to increase financial resources, diversify and reduce the burn in order to stop him.
And "The import of Iraqi gas, and calculate the cost, this matter relating to electricity and fuel used to generate power .. the dependence on gas for power plants, must be seen from Zauitin also: The first is that the amount of gas supplied, will not be enough to meet the full need for Iraq .. even if invested full the quantities produced. in order to achieve sufficiency need time and great investments in associated and free gas. the second is that the import of gas does not increase the cost of importing or using the rest of the sources and derivatives, which cost Iraq now billions of dollars as well. There is no doubt that the experts like you, and the Ministry of Electricity appreciate me in the overall benefits of the proposed alternatives appreciated.
He noted that "there are actively work to find other outlets for addressing this matter .. Some of these solutions suggests, the use of gas after separating it from the oil process, in a private generators to generate electricity close to the wells, fields, and so instead of burning it, and if you can not deal with it. And that the companies as" Siemens' German and "Hitachi" the Japanese, and "GE" the US is interested in the subject. but all these things will not be a gift, but require money, which Hdrna many of them slightly, over the past decades in crazy wars and lack of serious interest in natural gas .. We note that processing and gas industry is one of the complex and expensive technology and the need to have time facility, which requires encouragement not be underestimated.
He concluded by saying, "I extend sincere thanks fo professor Isam al-Khalisi on the follow-up and audited .. As Ibn al ancient said," The opinion proves antagonism ", ie that the debate hard and defend ideas brings us closer to the truth .. and correct our mistakes to learn from Badhana.anthy