The new Iraq strategy until the year 2030

Adnan Kanani
included adviser to Prime Minister for Economic Affairs comments: «The new strategy approved by the current Iraqi government is to develop the private sector and facilitate the entry of companies into the market, where all the employees included the retirement fund and the enactment of laws sponsored, giving affordable loans , industrial, service and commercial and agricultural companies. It also points out that « the activation of this strategy , which extends to 2030 , and the agreement will ease the pressure on the public sector, and contribute to the development of other sectors, citing that« the philosophy of the state after 2003 adopted the distribution of oil revenues on the staff, as it includes each employee supports five individuals the aim of creating prosperity for them, but this philosophy in the long run harm the country significantly. »
says official statistics now that the current number of employees exceeds six million, including civil servants and security personnel , retirees, and that« the strategy of the Iraqi state in previous years was to reduce the the high level of unemployment, it included all the budget in previous budgets , more than a hundred thousand jobs work in government departments. »
if we look closer look at diagnostic did not find in this policy and the way to fight high unemployment among graduates from the government and private Iraqi colleges but doubled the numbers and went mostly to work in the private sector or tended to migrate out of the country despite the risks and the huge loss of young national energies , which is the greatest need for them in the difficult period rather than inflation in facilities other state and paid excessive understand the state treasury assigned several additional burdens.
comprehensive reform process are needed to drag all flabby facilities in the state of those who fritter away billions of dinars without real action, requiring effective real action from everyone to hold accountable the corrupt and return stolen funds from the national wealth to the Iraqi people who gave the most expensive Matjod him self and sacrifices daunting to fight «Daash» terrorist liberating the land and supply and sanctities of these criminals who have no religion at all.
now Iraq ranks of failed states industrially and agriculturally became imports until the vegetables and Tatm, as oil imports , according to current prices and with high production costs , which take companies because of the oil licensing rounds are no longer enough to cover government expenditures and began to implement austerity universe these imports , not enough to pay the salaries of state employees, in addition to borrow from the World Bank and Japan to cover the large deficit in the public budget. Iraqi and philosophy ink There are no real steps to reform the overall economic paper.
Also, non - oil imports especially from industrial and agricultural sectors are no longer a thing of GDP; because of the freezing of most of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals and converted from the operating companies winning to losing companies. .
Addition to the rise in defense spending and the costs of war , which reflected negatively on the state budget, especially as these costs are not limited to military actions , where processing, training, mobilization and salaries, but also include compensation for families of the martyrs expenses and treat the wounded and assist widows and orphans, rehabilitation and reconstruction Madmrth war, and this a whole represent additional expenses burdening the budget.
I think that the elements of the activation and development of the Iraqi economy at the current stage is to start actually apply the five - year development plan in earnest and without hesitation by giving ample space to the private sector and reduce Alaatmadely the public sector in order to carry out the migration of counterproductive state employees from the public sector to the private sector.
in view of the package benefits in the salaries and allowances of public office of the state and Moryatea, while there are no real guarantees to the workers in the private sector to the lack of job stability, as it is easy to be expelled from work at any moment. This came as a result of what have acted previous governments in the development of strategies are unsuccessful in the Iraqi management of the economy, as the number of employees in the civil service increased scary numbers from 850 000 employees before the US invasion in 2003 to Maevouk more than four million and a half now, and who earn more than 51 trillion Iraqi dinars , approximately more than 42 billion US dollars.
the new strategy of the current government should target to take a series of comprehensive economic reforms in the fiscal and monetary policies and to address the financial crisis the country is undergoing through a strong will , courage in the fight against corruption and the corrupt and Aadhba amounts stolen from the wealth of the people and take the economic policies of the immediate, medium and long term in order to bring growth and development of the Iraqi economy should be to rehabilitate basic supporting infrastructure and to address the financial crisis by diversifying the sources of the Iraqi economy.