Integrity: the corruption of the oil contracts it has achieved since 2014

9/4/2016 0:00

BAGHDAD - morning
Integrity Commission revealed that it has achieved since 2014 in the case raised by the site «Weber Media Fax and Haventgon Post» well on suspicions of corruption in the oil contracts with the company «On Oil» French started.
The Commission has made clear it through research and investigation and the formation of an investigative team headed by Deputy Chairman of the Authority and the membership of the Directors-General of the Departments of investigations and legal in the body, as well as Director of the Legal Department of the Office of Financial Supervision and the inspectors general of the ministries of oil and foreign, showing her having a case against the company since 2014 in Directorate the achievement of the Authority in Basra, which is still tied to judicial decisions, the telltale on it has taken legal action to transfer the case from Basra to Baghdad, its importance, noting that it engineered an order from a competent court to consider the fairness issues spends conduct of the inquiry and inspection of the headquarters of the company «on Oil» French in Baghdad, pointing out that the team Author inside the body had started to take investigative actions with all the names mentioned in my report «Weber Media Fax and Haventgon Post».