Online newspaper exposed the attempts of vandalism and threats for publishing files for corruption

April 9, 2016 6:56
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Newspaper exposed the truth site in Iraq to electronic deliberate act of sabotage to disable it and try to hack by the affected parties apparently from publishing files related to cases of corruption is rampant in Iraq for years.
Wahab al-Hindawi, editor of the site, said the Iraqi Observatory of press freedoms, said that the management of the site had received threats moments before updating the site, containing many of the news and articles calling for the need to raise the number of them on Wednesday 06/04/2016, but we have refused these threats and we have decided to continue to work in spite of all the challenges and difficulties , has already been disabled the site for several hours, but we were able to communicate with specialists and the company that operates the site of his recovery, he added Hindawi Iraqi observatory of press freedoms, said that such attempts require a serious reaction from media institutions and organizations defending freedom of expression to reject all shameful behavior of intent to disrupt freedom of expression and intimidation of journalists and the media.
Iraqi Observatory press freedoms condemns any attempt negative to intimidate journalists and prevent them from balanced coverage, especially those who exercise their professional role to reveal spoilers and squatters on public money and exploited the powers of functional violation of the law and the Constitution and leave a negative impact on the reality of society and the work of state institutions to be the role of the media balanced, away from the pressures political.