Newspapers BAGHDAD: Iraq crisis treat shock and cancels the role of the parties and the people of Fallujah and puzzle overlooked the fact that the relationship between Arabs and Kurds and the absence of a culture of citizenship

2016-04-09 03:03:09 | (Voice of Iraq) - Mustafa al - Obeidi

Iraqi newspapers addressed the relationship of the parties and the people treat crises shocked and wonder about the delay liberalization of Fallujah and scandals documents Panama and the absence of an Iraqi garrison culture of the homeland and the relationship of the Kurds with Arabs.

Shock therapy
Eating an article in the newspaper «Levant» Independent formation of the government crisis , the writer said: « in front of the Prime Minister, Dr. Haider al - Abadi, a unique scenario, begin to internationalize the war on Daash for completion of the internal disputes and solving the House of Representatives and the declaration of martial law, in cooperation with the UN resolution that restores the country the provisions of Chapter VII and the authority of international law and to hold a conference in Baghdad of international and regional conflicting parties in the region to create the role of Iraqi axis practiced the «regional balancer.»

The fact that the governments of al - Maliki ended the prevalence of corruption in the state, through a staggered system of interlocking partisan interests, and the rule of administrative mafias and manifestations of armed different addresses, no objective political analyst believes that al - Abadi has a magic wand to solve, especially since it's the same center and that which has already brought her to the state.
There are people in the experiences of the treatment model shocked to save the country - as did Russian President Vladimir Putin , as in the Egyptian experience. So I think the declaration of martial law after the resolution of the House of Representatives on a regional understanding Dola- shock therapy to remove the disasters of the above quotas abhorrent sins, give Iraq a glimmer of hope to see the light at the end of the tunnel.
The reforms that are being talked about from the coat of quotas they are just recycling crises and Dhrjtha forward as we have already got over the post in 2003. There are effectively open mind to avoid the mass destruction of the wrath of the People, who can not the government Abadi unavoidable international responsibility required investment, which is bankrupt due to lower oil prices and austerity war economy , which overwhelms the citizen!

Adel Abdul - Mahdi , leader of the «Islamic Supreme Council» and wrote an article in the newspaper «world» that the two currents , two main «Supreme Council» and «Sadrists» realized, encroachment or aware of , the importance of involving people in the organization and choose their representatives decisions and carried out the practices of embryonic, what still carry a lot of deficiencies and negatives, where a lot of simplicity.

And influenced a lot of organizational and partisan our concepts of Western experience ... The biggest impact of the communist parties .. and problem - Leninist organizations that have been affected by our national and religious parties as well, not to mention that the communist develop watershed between the elite or vanguard or representatives of the leading class and among the general public .. The party represents people and led by an ideological mandate and default, and not the actual or real.

That of the most serious dangers turning the organization into a society eliminates the real society and be an alternative to him .. Perhaps this is the reason for the rejection of the Martyr al- Sadr and the first of many thinkers thesis martyr Sayyid Qutb about « the second ignorance» .. Valmjmta Muslim people are Muslims, and that the errors of individual and social distractions treatment, nothing, and atone for Muslims and Islamic societies something else. It is not necessarily lead to larger deviations as witnessed by the evolution to the Salafist jihadist concept, and the resulting "terrorist ideology" calling for atonement and killing everyone who does not belong to their organizations .. «Qaeda» and «Daash» bore .. dismissing the community and the people of the organization, his serious Malate, it turns out experiments.

Puzzle Fallujah
He wrote Wafiq Samarrai , an article in the site «pratha» who is close to the Islamic Supreme Council in which he stated that « the story of Fallujah has become elusive, has not been up to complete the liberation of stubble adjacent vine, and let people under Aldoaash authority, and wanted biased people inside and outside Iraq to exploit the situation for the benefit of their project.

The question is: Is it more difficult to Fallujah , Ramadi? The answer is : both.
Regardless of the interpretations and attitudes is feasible, it would be surprising not to edit them, and focus on opening very slow operations north toward Mosul, note that opening the front drunk is not an error, but necessary for the performance by the people of Nineveh and the experience of malevolent and patriots from politicians. But, do not be distracting the central state resources, and to liquidate the officials of the province by the uncertainty around them to be heard.
Now, very vandals and thieves confuse the center and south , security, and respond to them is the most important of a series of Fallujah edit overlapping procedures, Stelmuson a significant improvement in the security of Baghdad and the south.

Iraq and documents Panama
Eating an article in the newspaper «time» Independent scandals documents Panama stating that « the world is entering a spiral documentation Panama , which reached up to this moment more than 11 million documents with the exchange of a financial nature through money laundering or tax evasion, not political documents as we used to WikiLeaks in the past.

We are in Iraq, as a people , his money stolen in various ways, will take care of the subject and Stdj Facebook pages and a lot of them will turn all of us into meadows of these documents and take stock of the world or Nqadha.

Of course every one of us will consider the order of the selective angle in the deployment of the names are from Iraqi officials, while we find those involved in this documents without authorization, although stated Sictvon saying it forged represent politically targeted for this and that , of whose names appear, even though the global uproar include Heads of State super Osaarham and their sons and their wives.

Issue we have in Iraq is that, as long as everyone is covered by scandals Panama as they were covered by Wikileaks.
No one drives a lawsuit against the other. We will content ourselves, we the people , which was stolen and money laundering through international channels, Balvispock way to express our outrage about the overwhelming against the thieves of public money in our country.
For this I find that the effect of these documents is very limited in the Iraqi public opinion , with the exception of Facebook pages as we have said, which will switch to a battlefield and a collision between people, especially since these documents do not provide the new Iraqi people , who are well known are thieves money and where you go these funds worth hundreds of billions of of dollars over many years , including the years before 2003 , especially as the chronological age of the documents Panama starts from 1977 right up to the end of 2015 , and our share of them probably is the largest among the rest of the peoples of the world quotas.

Here , you must move the judicial authority in Iraq to see the documents into accurate in order to retrieve what can be retrieved.

No Iraqi culture
The newspaper «by the people», the Communist Party, published an article writer Falah torch which confirmed that «national bonds much people with each and Atcafl when it hits the major calamities and crises of any human society.

Iraqi experience after the occupation, allow us to say that no Iraqi culture can not dictated by them in accordance with the national and aesthetic Format, can give specific attributes of Iraqi society, especially after the shock of the US occupation, and the intervention of neighboring countries, and the fragmentation of society in dangerous precedent did not occur even when most peoples African tribes culturally backward.

If the existential Qaeda refers to the cohesion of community members about the external enemy as in war, or any environmental disaster, under the umbrella of citizenship, what happened in Iraq is exactly the opposite. Groups and components has turned inwards on itself sectarianism and racism.
No doubt that the policy factors and the intervention of neighboring countries , and the project of occupation and inhuman and immoral crimes, was one of the main driving reasons for the reality of hatred and culture of revenge and conflict, but the question is : Where is the culture of the community and preventive Msaddath, what is the cultural institution 's role at what is happening ..?

Mental duplication overall reform Saif
Eating an article in the newspaper «union» of the «Patriotic Union of Kurdistan» mentality of the ruling said: «the principles invoked wise in evaluating their decisions positively and negatively is moderation, however , that the application of this principle to launch in dealing with the overall situations that confront us, especially while conflict rages may neutralizes us for moderation circle and moderation to where extremism and vulgarity, which is visible clearly in some reform projects; every attempt at reform is initiating something towards achieving the goals under a plan prepared Silva.hecma should things go, which is between success and failure.
This is the logic of the governor in the mentality of some people, and here begins the disaster; What was good is us and by not shared by the others and we have the lion 's share to be found, and what was bad do not take responsibility, and this mentality that try to combine the two positions (embarking and sizes) in one transaction be a far cry from the divine repayment.
Everyone is looking for reform and calls for it, but what it wants the persecutors of the reform leaders to complete what they started it with them to the end and Enzkohm in the middle of the road, Victvon reap the spoils , while the variety of fruits and yo u Ganab.

Relationship with the Kurds with Arabs
The newspaper «brotherhood», close to the «Kurdistan Democratic Party» an article writer Jalal Sheikh Ali said: «When we look at the political map of the world does not find a trace of the Kurdish state in which we curse that day that Kurds voted to join Iraq in 1925, when voice of the Kurds, who make up 75% of the population of Mosul, with the support of some of the beneficiaries at the time to join Iraq did not insist on the demand for a Kurdish state.

We wonder: Is there a historical relationship between the Kurds and the Arabs in order to choose to join them? Let us assume that there was a historic relationship between Kurds and Arabs, is this justification or motivation to join them and live under the banner, or was it to achieve personal interests?
Then there was pain historical relationship between the Turks and the Arabs? Why it has become for both sides nationalism Davlathma did not join one of the other party? You may ask about the feasibility of the said despite the decades after that.
Yes No feasibility of the only reminders of the past are not repeated error deep, it appears that history is repeating itself in many ways. Historical relationship alleged between Kurds and Arabs collapsed and continues to collapse and pioneers premeditated and at the highest levels ... so I do not know of any historical relationship talk. When cut us the budget and salaries and all legal entitlements, contend the end of that relationship.
But on the political side . Praise be to God , we find that the participation of Kurds in the Iraqi government are shrinking by the day, as did not stay in the capital , Baghdad , but the position of honorary and very few Kurdish politicians as representatives of us, but they enjoy privileges at great personal Will we will dream of a Kurdish state , which dreamed of every individual Kurdish scapegoat for those remaining politicians in Baghdad? It is time to unite all Kurdish parties , the Kurdish state on the project and stay away from achieving the narrow partisan interests or personal, because the history of ruthless mistaken ».