Abadi Office: merging ministries "necessary" to eliminate occupational sag

A spokesman for Prime Minister Saad al - Hadithi Office, on Thursday, stressed that the integration of the ministries "necessary" to eliminate occupational slack.
The newborn's / balances News /, "it was the transfer of the powers of a lot of the ministries and departments to local governments and therefore do not need a lot of ministries "stressing that" the integration of ministries "necessary" to eliminate sagging career. "
He added that "after completion of the ministerial cabin" new "Abadi will begin the restructuring of directorates and departments and the people in the ministries."
The minister in the current government Abadi revealed, today, that the latter does not know the economic and security conditions in the country, while stressing that the first step of the reform lies in changing Abadi first .

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