Kurdish lawmaker: The delegation of the province will reach Baghdad that the selection of cabinet and the Kurds will not be without his

April 8, 2016 15:31
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The deputy from the Kurdistan Alliance said that the Kurdish delegation will visit Baghdad on Friday that Baghdad will choose the Kurds will not be ministers without the approval of the Kurdistan region.

The MP said Jamal Panthers "The main agenda is to hold talks around the Kurdish delegation, is a comprehensive and real realism partnership, and mechanisms to speed up the change is anticipated, provided that it is in agreement with the province, giving the full right of the Kurdish groups to choose their candidates under the terms of technocrats to vote on them."

"The delegation will tell officials in Baghdad that the choice of the Kurds will not be minister without the approval of the Kurdistan region."

He noted that "the candidates of ministries and file, has not been decided so far, because the change was not clearly defined, and that the Abadi did not specify the positions of the reforms, and the blocks were not fully familiar with it."

He believed that "the process of changing ministers will not be easy, because there are parties unbeatable dispense with its ministers, and is willing to accept the candidates," expected to take a vote on the issue of the new ministers and over a wider movement greater than what is agreed upon. "

It is scheduled to arrive on Friday, a senior delegation from the Kurdistan Regional Government to Baghdad to discuss outstanding problems the new cabinet and the cab.
He is also scheduled to meet with the provincial delegation of US Secretary of State John Kerry during his visit to Baghdad, according to the announced by the province.