New plans for the World Bank to address the devastating effects

A source at the World Bank, the World Bank Group President and Secretary General of the United Nations and the President of the Islamic Development Bank Group, will meet next month with ministers from the Group of Seven, the Group of Seven industrial nations, and consisting of Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, United Kingdom , and the United States of America with the Gulf cooperation Council countries
European. As well as various international and regional organizations and heads at the headquarters of the World Bank Group for the International Conference on the initiative of the new funding to support the Middle East and North Africa, and to provide initial financial support for the launch of the initiative and to take measures and strengthen coordination between humanitarian and development assistance and to provide a response of the special challenges faced by

A new strategy

And prepared the World Bank Group's new strategy to deal with the devastating effects of the conflicts in the Middle East and North Africa region and causes the main, this approach aims to complete the humanitarian efforts by strengthening the capacity of people and communities to confront the trauma of conflict and unrest, and lay the foundations for peace and stability, and what it requires from build broad alliances, the fact that the new strategic objectives and the resources necessary to achieve far outweigh the capabilities of any organization.


And it entered the World Bank Group in partnership with the United Nations and the Islamic Development Bank for the construction needed to support the Middle East and North Africa, the Global Alliance, and these institutions have established together a new funding initiative to support the Middle East and North Africa, an innovative initiative that aims to combine the international community's efforts to provide support urgent development of countries in the region affected by the refugee crisis, conflict and economic instability.
The aim of the aforementioned initiative to provide concessional financing for both Jordan and Lebanon to support the refugees and host communities through a combination of grants from donor countries and loans from multilateral development banks was accompanied by the mobilization of the exorbitant amounts of funding needed for the reconstruction of post-conflict economic recovery in the countries of the region through attracting guarantees from donor countries, and then provide additional funding to increase the current provided by the multi-development banks Alotrav.kma loans announced the World Bank Group President Jim Yong Kim during the conference, the goal of mobilizing grants worth billion dollars over five years from donor countries, will be used to attract concessional financing worth of three billion dollars to four billion range. This funding will support a variety of projects.