Valid: 10 million poor people in need of Government support that reached 45% of the budget
April 7, 2016
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Mohammad Saleh appearance revealed economic advisor to Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi for 10 million poor people in Iraq who need Government support, pointing to support direct and indirect government reached more than 45%, it ytshelk half the budget, calling for the equitable distribution of Government support and assistance to the poor is helping them to live with dignity.
Saleh called on reporters seen by news economy Agency to direct government support to the needy layers to reduce poverty, increase economic efficiency and production development, stressing that the oil revenues should go to the community through concessional loans for unemployed youth and creating small activities.
He said the Economic Adviser to the Prime Minister that "the proportion of Government support, direct or indirect, in the Iraqi budget, very large and reached 48 percent, returned to" half the budget goes to support
"Government support should be directed to the poor," he said, adding that there were "10 million poor people in Iraq should receive State support, and secured them a decent life and to work out of poverty."
Economic Adviser wondered, "why do rich ration card, which generated under siege", "ration card should be allocated to the poor."
And valid opinion, that "Government support will continue but it should be redirected in a way that serves the economic efficiency and raise productivity and eradicate poverty, and to target the poor and develop production", adding that "appointments should become a quality as the State needed some joints task as justice, health and education, not open to all from anyone," he said.
And the Economic Adviser to the Prime Minister that "the State must be balanced by providing soft loans for unemployed youth", stressing that "If oil revenues go to the tag should go to the community to get them and cost little to create small activities. %2F%25d8%25b5%25d8%25a7%25d9%2584%25d8%25ad-10-%25d9%2585%25d9%2584%25d8%25a7%25d9%258a%25d9%258a %25d9%2586-%25d9%2581%25d9%2582%25d9%258a%25d8%25b1-%25d9%258a%25d8%25ad%25d8%25aa%25d8%25a7%25d8%25ac %25d9%2588%25d9%2586-%25d9%2584%25d9%2584%25d8%25af%25d8%25b9%25d9%2585-%25d8%25a7%25d9%2584%25d8%25ad%25d9%2583%25d9%2588 %2F