Agree to stay Abadi and ministers "technocrats" nominated by political blocs
Baghdad -arac Press -7 April
: President of the Iraqi Council of episodes Saleem Said House Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, the political blocs to agree on the outlines of a new cabinet to change with the survival of Haider Abadi, head of the government and will continue to do so.

He said in a televised interview, said he 'was agreed on several axes The first is to go for a comprehensive change with question marks over the controversy about the security ministries and some other ministers. "

He added An'alhq second of the agreement requires that the components are made ​​of candidates, but the prime minister said puts the controls , one of the ultimately approve and submit his booth to the House of Representatives later '.

he continued An'mahor third is if we need limbering, though the general trend is to keep the ministerial portfolios , as it previously, and even as well as within the framework of the distribution of the political blocs, as well as the inclusion of independent bodies and agencies and the process of change within the agreed schedule. "

And about the fate of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi in case efforts to reshuffle fails, stressed that 'the focus right now is to hold a cabinet reshuffle, although trading that the media only', noting that 'the current talk in the meetings of the blocks on changing ministers and remain prime minister, who is a cabin or is change the current ministers'.

He An'hma semi Agreed about a clear dialogue, and even the political blocs do not put the process of changing the prime minister, mainly as its goal, but talking about the present candidates technocrats Bakabeliat and competencies'.

He noted An'hnak dialogue on the role of international forces and internationalism, as some parties provide counseling and advice, others find they build perceptions of the political parties need to be taken into account. '

He reiterated that 'since the initiation process of the circulation of the ministerial switch, voices objecting to the Abadi was part of the media only, but generally we will go that he remains the head of government and continue to do so.'
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