In case blocs rejected the government technocrats .. Bolani calls for Abadi ( to dissolve parliament) and (early elections)


The head of the parliamentary Committee of Economy and Investment MP Jawad al-Bolani, on Wednesday, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to claim to "dissolve parliament and hold early elections," noting that the dissolution of parliament "elected representatives an opportunity worthy of his trust people give." Bolani said in a statement the new evidence that "the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi demand from President Fuad Masum solution to the current parliament and resorting to early elections," attributing the cause to "the insistence of the parliamentary blocs to reject the list technocrat government to maintain political quota system that produced during the 13-year-old four failed governments did nothing noteworthy is the billions of dollars wasted or because of financial and administrative corruption were stolen. " And that "the dissolution of the parliament according to the constitution and the law mechanisms of the people given the opportunity to elect representatives worthy of his trust to form a government independent of competencies rather than parties that obstruct and impede political and economic reform project." He added that the (documents war) burning now will inflict great damage to the reputation of the country because of these scandals, and the public movement open to all fields and if they do not implement the demands of the people supreme religious authority, we will see millions of people stand in front of parliament, calling for early elections and the elimination of corruption, disease, financial and administrative noted Bolani said all Almtsidin political action understand the lesson well, because conditions in Iraq require that make sincere efforts of all political forces and provide effective solutions to save the country and enough long years of devastation and destruction, where not realized step to move forward because of the factional interests and concluded al-Bolani, his statement by saying the political blocs be aware of the lesson before it is too late.
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